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  Suzuki ITFC 18:07 05 May 2005

I have just then been to PC world Ipswich and recieved the most poor service ever. I reserved a Sound Blaster Sound Card for store pick up, on the website it showed as in stock. When I arrived I went to the upgrades and services desk with the confirmation paper. The boy at the desk went to the sound cards to find that the card I wanted was not there, nor was there a gap or price tag where it should have been. The boy then went on his computer for around 25 minutes. He then, finally said they had 16 cards but didn't know where they were. I then asked to see the manager and after shouting at him, I finally got him to give off his backside in his office to go around the back and... after 30 seconds he came back with the card in his hand. Why couldn't the boy who was a trainee just ask for some help in the first place. I then asked if I was going to get anything (discount) for my trouble and wasted time and was told I can only have it at the web price.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:21 05 May 2005

I don't you should blame the boy in this case, rather blame the manager for not ensuring he was adequately trained and supervised before dealing with the public.

  [email protected]@ 18:30 05 May 2005

It is down to the standards of some of the trainees we get nowadays I am afraid.There are the ones who think that the world owes them a living and they just can not be bothered. There are the ones whose standard of education is equal to trained Orang-Utan's and have difficulty with complicated tasks such as turning on a tap.

There are also a few bright and intelligent ones around who take their work seriously and do their best to please,looks like you got one of the first type.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:02 05 May 2005

If I was a manger and you shouted at me I would have decked you, to hospital food standard, in public. I sense that there might be a lack of communication discipline with you. There was obviously an error, move on life is too short.


  Non Welsh Local 20:53 05 May 2005

I think you need some anger management or something as you seem to fairly regularly want to deck people.

  Pooke100 21:57 05 May 2005

"If I was a manger and you shouted at me I would have decked you"

You wouldn't last too long in that job then, plus you'd have a criminal record after being sacked.

"there might be a lack of communication discipline with you."

I sense the same about you!



  Pooke100 22:00 05 May 2005

Decking people isn't a one way system, I'd like to see ya working in my local PC World.

Kindest of Regards


  ajm 22:07 05 May 2005

The [email protected] in PC World is a fairly new service.There are some mishaps bound to happen. The way it works is that you choose what you want and subject to availability and if the items qualifies for [email protected], you get a unique reference number. At that time, you will be aksed to give at least 1 hour before going to the store to collect. This reference number also is passed to the relevant store and a memner of staff then picks the items and takes it to the [email protected] point.
Staff check this system every 10-15 minutes and they then pick the stuff for collection for the customer.
In some cases the staff are not able to do so as they may be dealing with other customers or may be on lunch, or for whatever reason. This means that your order may not get picked up until you come to the store and are faced in the above scenario.
Yes it is frustrating for the customer as well as the staff if things do not go smoothly. Shouting and being rude will not solve matters for you. I am surprised that the manager did get the card out for you after listening to your shouting. THAT IS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
People do not take the trouble to compliment when they get a good service, however very quick to speak out when they encounter "bad" service. In the majority of the cases, it is the customer who expects too much and when their expectations are not met, they complain.
I am very sorry for this long thread, but i felt it say that as I also work in retailand I face these kinds of customer day in day out. On the other hand, we get many customers who are very very happy with service they have received and they say so to the store manager and in some cases to Head Office.

  spuds 22:53 05 May 2005

A similar collect scheme is used by Argos. Order on-line for collection from a store convenient to you, allowing for stock availability. Always seems to work very well.You do need to pay at the checkout, then wait until your number is called out for collection at the collection point.

Shouting and being abusive to trainee's and store managers, could lead to being banned from PC World stores.You shouting method must have really scared the manager though, if it only took him 30 seconds to obtain the card from the storeroom.

  ajm 23:03 05 May 2005

"You shouting method must have really scared the manager though, if it only took him 30 seconds to obtain the card from the storeroom." The manager KNOWS or KNEW where the product was kept, the trainee DID NOT.

click here

  spuds 23:20 05 May 2005

My point: 30 seconds for 'Speedy Gonzalas'store manager, 25 minutes for trainee ;o(

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