PC World - Sale of Good Act?

  ddohanlon 00:45 29 Jul 2003

I bought an albacomp computer at PC world. It would not recognise my zip drive (Iomega) or my scanner (AGFA) and the sound card would not work. I got no joy out of the online help despite giving them my name address postcode computer make and serial number. Then XP started crashing, and would not reboot. I had to reload it with loss of data. On the third time the keyboard numbers and vowels would not work so I could not input the coding to reinstall XP. At this stage (6 weeks after I bought it) i returned the computer to the store. Having waited ten minutes in an empty store for a manager to turn up, he eventually told me that they would only repair it. I told him that this was inadequate (what is the difference between 4 and six weeks in a case where the faults develop over time).I left the computer in the store. I wrote twice to head office and got the standard proformas, "signed" by a Customer Service, repeaeting the same mantra. before I go to small claims court to get my money back, has anyone else done the same - am I likely to win? the computer company is in Hungary, so I am not expecting much joy there.

  velodrome 09:06 29 Jul 2003


Go here and have a good look at this site.
click here

It contains the following among other things.

Read how some High Street dealers try to deprive you of your rights."

"From Spring 2003 improved regulations came into force which ADD to those discussed below. It is understood these allow you to return goods as FAULTY SINCE MANUFACTURE within six months. If you feel this applies to you please check first with your Trading Standards Officer."

Forget where the computer was made your claim is with PC World.

From what you have said you should have no problems, but check with your local trading standards office first.

  bfoc 10:19 29 Jul 2003

Get hold of a copy of the most recent (July 2003)issue of Which? (perhaps in a library). On the back cover in 'briefcases', is a short article about a case, with another supplier, very similiar to yours and you would find it very useful, and encouraging, to read. If you could take a copy and enclose it with your next communication with PC World it might speed things up!

You have a very, very strong case and should not be fobbed off. You do have rights and you should ensure that the retailer is in no doubt that:

1. You know them.
2. You expect them to be respected.
3. You will take the matter further if required.

Let us know how things go.

  wee eddie 22:51 29 Jul 2003

"It would not recognise my zip drive (Iomega) or my scanner (AGFA) and the sound card would not work."

The first 2 could be a problem with XP not recognising some older devices without special drivers, but a faulty sound card should have had you on the phone quite quickly. The rest sounds like software problems and I find it difficult to understand why you did not contact them sooner.

You have given us little idea of how long they have held onto the PC but I believe that the law allows them reasonable time to attempt to correct the fault. I don't think that this period is defined in law.

  Forum Editor 23:47 29 Jul 2003

The law allows for a retailer to attempt to effect a repair in such cases - at their discretion - within a 'reasonable period'. The period is not defined in law, and what is (or isn't) reasonable is decided on the merits of each case as and when - or if - it comes before a court.

You say that you had to 'reload' Win XP three times - what exactly do you mean by this? Did the machine come with a restore disk? If it did it would have been returned to its factory state each time, so it should at least have worked - apart from the problems with the ZIP drive and your scanner. In those cases I assume you installed the correct WinXP drivers?

I'm not sure how long the computer has now been with PC World, or why, if you told them that to repair it was 'inadequate' you left it with them at all. You may find that a court would rule that by leaving the machine with the retailer you had accepted that they would attempt a repair.

You have a right to expect that a new computer would be fit for its purpose, but the situation is made slightly more complex if you have installed software since purchase.

Please post back and tell us how long the machine has now been with PC World.

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