pc world. a round of applause!

  harps1h 08:08 03 Oct 2004

i wanted to but the sims 2 for my daughter and having seen it on the pc world website at £27.99 and not a web exclusive i took her to get what she has been waiting patiently for.
when we went to the till it scanned up at £34.99 and i explained that it was £27.99 on their site. at the start it didn't cut much ice and the guy at the till was sticking to his guns. however another guy came along i explained what i saw on their site. he looked at it with me and it was there at the price i saw but it said web exclusive. i told him that at home it didn't say that and if that was the case i could go to my tesco superstore and buy it for the same price. he checked tescos' site and then he said ok he would do a price match.

so in the end, without any fuss, pc world offered something they are often accused on not doing "Customer Service"

  g0nvs 09:31 03 Oct 2004

But it should have scanned at £27.99 first time. You should not have to plead your case with PC World staff, or using threats to go to Tesco's either.That was not good customer service at all and would not get a round of applause from me.

  OwenLotts 10:43 03 Oct 2004

g0nvs - why not. I've checked the price on the website and it says in-store price £34.99 web exclusive £27.99 therefore the store price should be £34.99 and not £27.99. I can't vouch for what it said on harps1h's PC at home but i'm sure they are mistaken.

PCW have given harps1h a discount he/she shouldn't have been entitled too. If thats not good customer service i hope you never come in my shop!

  g0nvs 10:55 03 Oct 2004

OwenLotts-harps1h original thread says NOT a web exclusive offer thus my reply was based on his comments.

  Forum Editor 11:15 03 Oct 2004

For goodness sake, the company did something that they are continually berated for not doing - they gave good customer service. There was confusion, a customer queried the price, they reacted well.

End of conversation. I'm all for making an issue when there's one to be made, but this is just silly.

  spuds 11:18 03 Oct 2004

I have repeated many time within the forum, that local store discounts are usually available depending on the stores staff and management.My local PCW have had many management changes, and it as shown in the service offered.

In certain cases, I have found that the 'managers discount' given at the checkout, usually solves the problem.But of course, this would depend on the [then] managers procedures, and how they ran the store.Some managers appear to be more customer friendly.

  harps1h 14:10 03 Oct 2004

it now says thatn it is wab offer only but that was no the case on friday, however when the assistant checked his computer it did. how this can be i don't know, but i then checked again when i came home out of curiosity to see if i was being stupid, but no it was still as i saw it the first time.
however as fe says the assistant reacted to the problem in the correct manner and and very politely too i must add, thus ensuring i would go back.

for those of you who are interested this at sprucefield outside Lisburn. (co .antrim for those of you don't know your geography)

  Rioja 23:43 03 Oct 2004

Apparently, the PCWorld website is not intended to indicate instore prices whether marked as web-only or not. Please see my earlier thread click here . It looks like you were just lucky!
Personally, I find this practice to be totally misleading.

  davidg_richmond 19:11 04 Oct 2004

Have a look at a few other high street retailer's sites, you will find the same thing - I use HMV.co.uk a lot and their prices can be wildly different.

At the end of the day the websites are a shop of their own - they sell on the net, competing with net sites, so their stock and prices are different (i.e. lower). If you want to know the price of something give your local store a call so at least you know that it's in stock too!

  Rioja 20:45 04 Oct 2004

What I find misleading is not the idea of websites being separate entities from their high street cousins with different pricing structures, but the inference that most prices quoted do apply instore by the occasional item being marked as "Web Exclusive" with it's cheaper online price alongside the instore price.
Your example, from what I have seen, makes no mention of instore prices and the website graphics clearly show "HMV.co.uk".
Compare this to PCWorld's site......

  harps1h 21:11 04 Oct 2004

have i opened a can of worms here?

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