pc world repair advice pls

  CoeHornby 19:05 11 Apr 2015

I bought a lenova yoga 4 months ago and I used the usb 3.0 for the first time. The port came completely off when I gently pulled the device out. It wasn't a tight fitting and I used it like a normal person would. A day later the other usb port died and the screen started to behave funny. When the lid was closed I could hit the start button from tapping on the Lid. This meant every time I pick it up it would vibrate. I took it into know-how and they said they won't repair it as its accidental damage even tho I just pulled the connection out normally. Where can I go from Here? £700 pound for four months use is a joke. Thanks for any advice.

  wee eddie 19:40 11 Apr 2015

I assume that you are dealing with the people you bought it from.

Others will confirm this but you need to get the Lenovo inspected by a third party. You will have to pay for this yourself but they will be liable to pay the third party's feee, if the fault is found to be inherent.

However, it is very important to tell them that this is what you are going to do, before you do it, and give them a chance to reconsider.

Meanwhile, you will have to pay for the inspection yourself.

  john bunyan 19:47 11 Apr 2015

I am about to buy a Lenovo Ultrabook for a granddaughter. I intend to use John Lewis and pay (reluctantly) £99 extra for a 3 year guarantee including accidental damage, as I believe a touch screen, for example, could cost £400.

You need to prove that the "goods" were inherantly faulty or not fit for purpose. As wee eddie says ,an independent report needs to state that.

  CoeHornby 21:17 11 Apr 2015

Thats easier said than done surly? I mean i just pulled a lead out didn't wiggle it or anything. Basically I'm screwed if i can't prove that? What other options do i have after the 3rd party if they can't prove it? It feels like i say i did this but they said i did that. I know what happened but proving it is another thing.

  wee eddie 22:00 11 Apr 2015

Basically you're correct.

Unless the person that inspects it finds that the moulding is faulty, there's little you can do but pay for the repair yourself

  Ex plorer 09:26 13 Apr 2015

This could be a long shot but do you have accidental damage on your house hold contents insurance covering electrical items TV PC etc.

Even if you were treating the computer as normal.

You are acting on what the supplier said.

Down side is your premium may go up next time you insure.

  HondaMan 12:09 13 Apr 2015

Under current law, it will be presumed that the goods were faulty if the fault appears within 6 months of purchase. This applies to new and second-hand goods. It is NOT for the purchaser to prove the fault, it is for the vendor to prove there was no 1fault.

  wee eddie 20:25 13 Apr 2015

PCW have said that the damage was caused by an accident.

You will have to pay an acceptable Expert to prove that this wasn't so.

By the time you have spent hours trying to find such an Expert and paid him in advance for his opinion. Only you will know the truth, so if he comes out in favour of the accident theory, you will have wasted your money.

However, if he says that the fault, and it appears that there are several, were inherent. then PCW will need to repair it and pay you back the Expert's Fee.

I have to admit that your description of the problems suggest to me that it moved about 3 foot under the force of gravity!

  CoeHornby 00:48 14 Apr 2015

How do you work that out? Ive never dropped the device once even the technician has said the screen fault could have started due to the USB fault. So this is where the problem lies I pull out a usb from its port and the plastic breaks away. There is no way anyone can prove that plastic was inherently damaged just like pc world cant prove it wasn't. Jesus I couldn't even replicate the USB port coming away like it did even I was trying my hardest.

  HondaMan 08:36 14 Apr 2015

I stand by my answer. If they will not agree, take it to the small claims court. It concentrates the mind wonderfully, especially when the enforcements agents come a-calling

  john bunyan 09:31 14 Apr 2015

On reflection I think HondaMan is right; have a go.

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