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  Dimps46 22:14 14 Nov 2011

My son purchased a Packard Bell laptop costing £500 from PC World in Aug 2010, for when he started University in Sept. In January the laptop stopped working. I took it to my local PC world store, who informed me that the hard drive had gone and would need replacing. I thought this was a little bit strange especially after 6 months. They replaced my hard drive and returned it to me and it has worked fine. Then in Sept, the battery stopped holding charge. which i understand can happen and i bought another one. My son came home recently with his laptop and said that it was again not working properly, i took it back to pc world who confirmed that the hard drive had gone again, I informed them that they had already replaced it once approx 8 months earlier. They told me that because it was out of its 12 months manufacturers warranty i would have to pay for it to be repaired. I asked what guarantee they gave on parts they had replaced and they told me 90 days, but this 90 days was covered by the manufacturers warranty anyway so they in fact gave no warranty on the part they had put in, so the laptop was only covered for the remaining 6 months. I told them that there must be something wrong with the part that they had replaced or the whole laptop as it surely wasnt normal for a hard drive to last 6 months the 1st time and 8 months the 2nd. They then told me that for £60 they could send my laptop off and get it independantly assessed to determine if there was something wrong with it.

Am i expecting too much or should a hard drive last longer than the 2 that i have had in this laptop, what is a reasonable lifespan for a hard drive? And as it was only replaced by Pc world 8 months ago, surely when they replace something it should last a reasonable length of time?

  spuds 00:23 15 Nov 2011

Dealing with PC World can have its problems, so I would suggest that you contact http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk for further advice.

You might find this video clip and article interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2011/10/knowhow.htm#more especially the special contact email address [email protected] if you have problems or seek further help regarding PCW/Currys knowhow customer services.

  spuds 00:27 15 Nov 2011

The Watchdog link appears to be faulty. Try http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2011/10/knowhow.html#more

  carver 08:02 17 Nov 2011

Reasonable life span for a hard drive is between 3- 5 years, anything less and I would expect it to be replaced under warranty.

Tell PCWorld that the 12 month warranty is in addition to what you would reasonably expect a Laptop of this price to last, and that 2 faults in such a short time is not acceptable.

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