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  Gorillaz 17:34 04 Sep 2003

Recently posted a problem I was having with a noisy Medion click here To cut a long story short I still have a problem, I have been promsied a service engineer will call to rectify the problem, then I am told that because I have purchased a new model they have no spare parts. PC World suggested I take the PC back to the store and get them to check it out, I told them I had already done this and was not satisfied. I was asked to call the service centre on the phone and get them to listen to the noise so they could test the machine over the phone line to see if it was working correctly, normally I would laugh at this sort of suugestion but I has already done this. Both of the suggestions offered by PC World had already been done, it shows they do not have a good grasp of the Queens English I suppose.
I have offered the following in an attempt to resolve the problem.
1. They send a manager to my home to test the noise level of the PC.
2. They give me a firm date for an engineer to call.
3. They change the PC for another.
I have also given them 14 days to rectify the problem or I will apply for a full refund. I can accept that PCs can and do go wrong, what I do not accept is company's like PC World either accepting or rejecting what I believe to be reasonable offers to solev this problem.
Question is what are my rights under the sale of goods act.

  Djohn 17:51 04 Sep 2003

Your link takes one to the post about "OfficeXP" can you please re-post the link that refers to your problem. j.

  Gorillaz 18:11 04 Sep 2003

Sorry try this link they were both posted on the same day, titel for thsi was very noisy medion click here

  Djohn 19:20 04 Sep 2003

Thank-you for reposting the link. Yes, PC's do tend to sound quieter in the showroom compared with a smaller room, [Such as your lounge/bedroom].

AMD 3000XP CPU's do come with a recommended fan attached to them, and they are guaranteed to keep the CPU cool. But if you check the prices of the CPU with and without the fan included, there is only a difference of £5.00. This suggest that while the fan will do it's job, it's not going to be the best quality one. [Noise wise]

You also mention that the sound may be coming from the PSU fan, [Power supply] these too can emit quite a bit of noise. This noise though should only be the sound of air being shifted, not a mechanical one.

After saying all this, it should not be to the extent that you seem to be experiencing, and as others suggest, I would agree that it may be better to take your PC, [Tower unit only] into your local store for testing.

It's a new PC, only a couple of weeks old and you should not be expected to have to leave it with them for more than a few hours. Pick a quiet day and ask them to check the noise levels of yours against one in the store. [I have found it much better to ask them to "Help", rather than tell them what is causing the problem]. I feel sure that if yours is displaying a fault with one of the fans, they will replace the noisy one straight away.

If there are no problems with your PC, other than the noise from the fan/s, then you need not worry, they are a good brand and should give you many years of use. If you are having other problems, then yes, it will be wise to insist on a replacement PC, or refund at this early stage. j.

  Gorillaz 19:55 04 Sep 2003

Problem is have alerady taken it back is was tested, with the case taken off, and it sounded fine, when I got back home fired it up and the noise was back. When I say noise I mean it is really bad, I have not used that many computers but this is so bad after half an hour you have to turn it off. In fact I am not even using the PC, it has on my desk since Saturday doing nothing.
My main gripe it that you get sold dummy, I try my best to be reasonable and you get nothing in return. As I said they have only suggested what I had already done and got nowhere. It is not unreasonable for PC World to send someone out to check the problem. It would easy for me to include the emails that have passed bewteen me and the PC World Customer Services Centre to show the problem I am having with them but that would be unproffesional.

  jolorna 20:41 04 Sep 2003

in your last posting you say you have it sat on a desk have you tried it on a solid floor to make sure that the fan noise isn't being enhanced by the desk

  Djohn 23:17 04 Sep 2003

Is this noise by any chance, the sides of the case vibrating. You say it is ok without the case, but on returning home the noise is still there. Try pressing your hands on different parts of the case to see if the noise will stop.

I know it's a long shot, but if it sounds OK at the store with the panels removed, it may just be the cause. Give it a try and post back with the results. j.

  Gorillaz 06:33 05 Sep 2003

Tried all of these things with no sucess even tried placing the case on a piece of carpet to see it that helped. I believe the problem lies in a cable fouling the fan of the graphics card, for anyone with an understanding of how these things work it would not be a problem. Having been told that if I open the case and start messing around with any of the components my warranty will be invalid leaves me no option but to wait for a sensible answe form these people.
If you wantt to buy an extedned warranty these guys will fall over backwards for you, ask them to fix a small problem like this and they are just not interested.
I just cannot believe that they think that PCs are 100% free from faults that they do need to carry any spares is just plain stupid. As I mentioned prevoiusly computers breaking down I can understand and accept, what I cannot accept is ignorange when it comes to customer care!

  Djohn 16:13 05 Sep 2003

While I agree that with a new PC you should not have to do any internal probing at all. Unless the case is sealed in someway, then no one will know if you have had a look inside. You have said that the technicians have already had the case off.

I do not recommend you to do this, as I have no idea of your knowledge of PC's, but if it was mine, and I felt strongly it was just a cable touching one of the fans, then to save myself time and trouble, I would remove the side panel. [If no seal] and just have a look. If I then found this to be the problem, I would turn off the PC, and carefully move the wiring to one side. Regards. j.

  bfoc 16:38 05 Sep 2003

1. Did the PC World engineers check the machine with you there?
2. Did they check it with case both off and then on?
3. Did they leave it running for a while with the case on to check that the noise doesn't 'cut-in' after a while?

If the answer to any of these questions is No then I would suggest that you give them a final chance to put things right by arranging a time for you to take it in for them to check it out, with you there.

You should be clear with them that, as this machine has never worked properly your bringing it in is on condition that if they cannot sort the problem out then, you will be rejecting the machine and will expect a full refund.

  Gorillaz 17:07 05 Sep 2003

Just phoned the PC World service centre, they have confirmed an engineer will call next week, hopefully problem will be rectified.
As normal many thanks to everyone who responded.

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