PC World Portable Hard Drive

  tractorman242 16:43 26 Mar 2010

Last month I bought a 500GB iomega prestige desktop hard drive from PC World.

Having used it for the first time last weekend to save some files onto it I found that the drive became unstabe and I could no longer either transfer or retrieve files from it.
On returning it to PC World last night I was told by the tech guys that indeed the hard drive was faulty and they could offer me either an exchange or arefund, however retrival of the files which I had put on there would cost me £100 as it was considered software retrival and not hardware.
Can anyone please give me advice upon either my rights concerning their liability or pointers to any other agency which would be able to retrieve my files for less than £100 as I am loathe to give them my business again?


  interzone55 16:59 26 Mar 2010

Is it possible to open the unit without damaging it?

The unit probably has a faulty USB controller, so opening the unit will allow you to pull the drive out and connect it straight to your PC for removal of files.

If you can't connect it this way most local PC shops have facilities to do this for you...

  qbie 10:42 27 Mar 2010

Bearing in mind that opening of the caddy and removal of the drive will in most cases void the manufacturers warranty.

Also if the drive is in that bad a state, I doubt if the stores data recovery service would be able to retrieve any information.

I hesitate to say this, but you should always ensure you have at least 2 copies of any important information - if you moved the data from your PC onto the external HDD and the HDD has now gone faulty, that is noones fault except your own - it happens to a lot of people and hopefully you will learn from this situation you're now in! No retailer or hard drive manufacturer takes responsibility for the information contained on a drive.

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