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  mimo 21:34 23 Jun 2003

hello all
10 months ago i bought a packard bell pc which cost £1000 plus £270 for the extended warranty with pc services.the last 10 months have been hell,i have had problems with the modem ,cdrw and the pc running very slow.
every time i have returned the machine to pc world or phoned pc services they both sated its software so use the recovery disc.this works fine for a while but the problems start again.
over the last 10 months i cany recall how many heated dicussions i have had but always the same answer.last month the graphics card failed so a new one fitted.time before i lost all usb connections ,no modem .this was after the reinstall ????.it get better.on friday my cdrw finally died so pc services said they would fit a new drive at my local pc world.this happened today ,i recived a phone message from the engineer saying the unit was fixed but windows would not load and it was down to me to corredt the fault.im not pc world still havr the tower doing another reinstall.so i finally get to my question,how do i stand leagally.if the machine is still faulty or im still not happy can i demand a refund or a new tower. what should my response be.please can any body help,i would appreciate any feedback .thanks

  carver 21:54 23 Jun 2003

You didn't say how long it was after you bought the PC before it started going wrong.But you paid extra for the extended warranty so PC World should even now put the PC back into a fully working m/c.On the tech side about windows not loading, put a posting in the help room and explain briefly the problem maybe someone there can help.

  NICK ADSL UK 23:38 23 Jun 2003

HI mimo. the problems with PC world just seam endless, i myself have just won a battle with them after 18 months.the next bit of advice i give to you will work as it is the only language that PC world understand. you get a specialist lawyer who should charge about £50 for writing a type of letter that PC world understands.this according to trading standards based at PC world head office is proving to be effective.they always settle out of court.you have an extended warranty for another 2 years. if you have to take them to court the court will look at it from a layman's angle.the magistrate will always find in your favor.providing the computer look"s new,the magistrate will wont to see how many phones calls made how often you have tried to seek redress if he thinks you have made a good effort to resolve the issue,but you still have not been able to he will nearly always find in your favor,good luck

  mimo 00:09 24 Jun 2003

hello,thanks for your comments .i will be going back to pc world on thursday ,let hope they have corrected all the faults .if not i will remember what i have read this evening.when you buy a product like a pc with the extended warrenty you shouldnt have to tolerate this kind of service .i just hope these people some day experience a similar situation.once again thanks .its nice to know that im not the only one.
best regards

  Forum Editor 00:17 24 Jun 2003

of the kind of thread we get quite often - although not necessarily involving PC World.

In essence you appear to be saying that the machine has not worked properly since the day you bought it - "the last 10 months have been hell" - and in order to advise you properly we need to know about the sequence of events in a little more detail.

1. Have you kept a record of the dates on which you spoke to PC World and/or PC Services, together with information about what the problems with the machine were?

2. Have you, during the time you've had the machine, installed any new software or hardware components, and if so what were they and when did you install them?

3. Have you at any time written to either company to express your dissatisfaction with the computer?

It's fair to say that statistically the majority of complaints from the owners of new computers are related to software issues, and manufacturers/suppliers know this - that's why their first response is often to suggest the use of the recovery disk. It's a significant - indication, although not necessarily conclusive evidence - that you say that when you use the recovery disk it "works fine for a while". If there were hardware faults you would not expect the recovery disk to have any beneficial effect whatsoever.

Please understand that I'm not taking sides with either PC World or PC Services here - I'm not in possession of the full facts - but on the face of it if I were to get a call from you I would probably suspect a software problem to start with. On both the occasions when a hard ware device has failed you say that replacements have been fitted.

As I understand it now, your prime concern is that the machine is running slow - is that a fair summary of the situation? Perhaps you could post back with comments on what I've said, and at that time let us know which operating system you're running, what processor is fitted, and how much RAM is installed in the computer.

I'm sorry to be so long-winded, but it's good to get all this out of the way at the start - it's very easy to jump to conclusions without knowing the full facts.

  mimo 21:49 24 Jun 2003

hello forum editor.in regards to your comments.no idid not keep any records regarding the dates,faults and conversations with pc world and pc sevices.looking back i wished i did .when you spend this ammount of money on a the pc and cover you hope you never have to use the service .and especially not within 10 months.
my pc is still the same speck it was when first bought,except for when there were faults which meant new parts were required eg...new graphic card,modem and cdrw.all installed by pc world.
i have the address of pc services i will be sending them a letter of complaint regarding my last encounter.....monday pc services arrived a y my locall pc world to insatll a replacement cdrw,a very simple task.they installed it ok,but something went wrong,windows xp would not start.instead of fixing the problem i received a phone message telling me to use the recovery disc and fix the error ...what error and how.when i went to collect my pc i informed them of the new problem,that was monday.i received a phone call stating my pc was ready to collect but they had problems insatalling the driver for the graphic card but its working fine .tomorrow all is revelled.
my machine is a packard bell ,p4 ,512 ram 60 gb and 2.2ghz.
here from you soon

  Ping Pong 22:54 25 Jun 2003

This is a slight deviation but probably beneficial for all to know.
Packard Bell PCs do not come with recovery CDs.
I repeat they do not come with recovery CDs.You have to generate your own using the master CD creator on the desktop. This is best done as soon as the machine is set up.
Anyone buying a Packard Bell PC should ask the salesman to cough up a pack of CDs gratis.

  jojo_1 23:08 25 Jun 2003

I beg to differ, a lot of them do come with recovery discs, it depends on the model of the machine, the older ones came with a hidden partition and a floppy disc to access it. Anyway it sounds like your machine needs to be re- tattooed and they can do that instore.

  obbit 17:31 26 Jun 2003

it would be much better to have the windows disk instead of a recovery disk which when used often wipes the data you have put on the hhd.

also any other original disk that might be in the software package. if not already supplied.

  mimo 19:10 26 Jun 2003

hello jojo,obbit and ping pong..
fist of all what is re-tattooed.my pc does come with a recovery 3.5 inch floppy,i have used this many times to restore the machine to factory presets,so have pc world.hello ping pong,my pc does have master cd creater,but i have never used this option due to advise from pc world.can you explain how this is better then the recovery disc and how to use it.thanks for all your comments.

  obbit 19:39 26 Jun 2003

the windows disk i refer to is the disk that microsoft make it is what i would expect with a new pc. it is the disk with the original software on it.

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