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  sonnylomas 20:00 15 Aug 2011

Hi There, I was wondering what can be done about my laptop? I have had my laptop going back and forth to PC world since around February 2011 with a problem with my screen. However it turns out that it wasn't my screen and it was my Graphics card heat sync. However PC World have replaced the screen twice on 2 separate occasions. When I got it home on both occasions it still wasn't working. So yet again I went back with the same problem which was a flickering screen and over heating. Only this time yet again they sent it off and this time it came back with a new graphics card heat sync and fan. Took it home and still had the same problem. Took it back and this time I asked for a write off replacement. Only I have just been told by members of staff that even if it gets repaired this time the problem will not go away. So they are saying that the laptop should be replaced. However I have today spoken to someone at PC World Lakeside only to be told that the decision to replace the laptop hasn't be done and is on its way back yet again to the store after supposedly being repaired. What can I do to stop this and get a replacement? Because I feel that the laptop will not perform properly and I am being fobbed off by the powers that be at PC World Technical Department. They won't even allow me to put my point across to a manager at PC Performance Technical Department. This is the second time I have requested a replacement Laptop. PC world Lakeside staff were the ones that discovered that the problem wasn't the screen as first thought but the Graphics card heat sync was actually missing from the first time the screen got repaired as a result of me dropping the laptop. However the heat sync was missing as a result of the technical people who are not in store dropping it out of the back of the laptop and not realizing it was actually missing. Therefore every time it has been sent away since then it has been missed diagnosed and not been repaired. The screen has been replaced 3 times the first was because I dropped it at home the other 2 times was because of the flickering screen and over heating. Also the same member of staff told me that no matter how many times the laptop gets repaired because it has been over heating for so long it will always have problems. I pay out £7.99 a month for a service I don't feel I am receiving right now. I a feel as if am hitting my head against a brick wall. Please help me. Thanks Yours Sincerely Miss Emma Scott

  STREETWORK 21:09 15 Aug 2011

From the gist of things it would appear that you have given PC World the oppertunity to repair the laptop and by their own admission state it would never work properly again.

This seems a no brainer, go back and formaerly request either a replacement or refund, check their own terms and conditions.

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