PC World and Parceline

  Modo 22:28 22 Dec 2004

Took a delivery from PC World (PCWB) this morning. Signed for it. Packing was wet so it looked a bit damaged.

Opened it before the Parceline van's vapour had dried and found that the contents of the Muvu hard drive MP3 plaer had been filched by Santa's Elves. Someone had stanley knived the box and removed the contents.

Be warned. PC World nor Parceline have responded to calls nor the twice sent e-mail of the details and photos sent inside 10 minutes of the delivery.

A time consuming visit to Pc World revealed no staff members of the business section in today.

PC World have now got an invoice for phone calls, time and travel.

Telling thing on the parceline website is that the delivery came in two packages. The "Elved" one had no security check at the Croydon delivery depot.

One member of staff had no christmas present if I hadn;t spent two hous going put to find the same item. PC World/Parceline will be made to pay.

Check before you sign.

  Forum Editor 23:21 22 Dec 2004

"PC World/Parceline will be made to pay" is unfortunately not likely at all.

The goods are at PCWorld's risk until delivered, but they have no liability for your time, travel, or telephone calls. They would probably replace the goods on receipt of your evidence, but as you've done that yourself you're only option now is to cancel the order under the 7day supply of goods and services regulations. This has the effect of negating the contract completely, and PCW have 30 days to return your money. In practice that normally happens sooner, but the law allows them the 30 days. The regulations state that you must retain the goods pending further information from PCW about return, but of course in this case there are no goods to return.

To be fair, it isn't PC World's fault that someone opened the package in transit. Parceline have no obligation to you at all - their contract was with PCW, so you can make no claim against them.

"Check before you sign" is certainly very good advice, although most of us have probably forgotten it at some point.

  Modo 07:46 23 Dec 2004

Thanks editor. Fortunately for us it is the business section and we have an account. So I'll leave it to your imagination what our next step to be. My posting was to remind people to check deliveries. On reflection I have another point and I hope PC World/PCWB are scanning the forums and take note.

They do have a responsibility to pack properly for the purpose. They also have a responsibility to respond in a reasonable time frame. And they cannot reasonably expect people to pay a premium i.e. 0870 numbers for contacting them to deal with their liabilities. They wouldn't stand a chance in a County Court if they let it get as far as someone filing an N1 on them in such circumstances through the retail operation.

The packaging of both deliveries yesterday was disgraceful. A keyboard came in its original box with a couple of rounds of strong tape. The box was soaking. It certainly wouldn't have been possible to reoffer the prodct for sale if returned.

The "Elved" package was a flimsy card box. It was too big for the contents and as delivered contained no padding - possibly removed by santa's helper I concede. Importantly the only tape used was clear cellophane. This is quite ridiculous. Aany responsible direct supplier should use a security tape that shows tampering to handlers.

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