pc world and the overheating laptop

  kev4022 12:03 10 Jan 2010

Hi, we bought a laptop from pc world almost 12 months ago (18 jan 09). Since then we've had a huge problem with it overheating. Within 10 mins of switching it on the keys are too hot to touch and and the machine periodically switches itself off oh and we get a white screen.

September 09 we got it repaired by pc worlds tech guys however within a few weeks the problems started again. It was reapired again in Novemeber and its still not fixed!

Today we took it into pc world to try and resolve the issue, as far as we're concerned the laptop is unfit for purpose and we dont wanna see it again. We're not looking for a refund just want it exchanged for something thats not going to breakdown all the time.

We were told at pc world that theres no chance of an exchange and we have to send it away again for another repair. The guy we spoke to basically said we dont have a leg to stand on until the 8th repair and even then we might not get an exchange/credit note.

I was wondering what else there is we can do? The warranty runs out in 8 days and we dont want to be stuck with a broken laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  Forum Editor 12:15 10 Jan 2010

is why, if you had overheating problems 'since then' (Jan '09) you waited for nine months before taking it back for repair.

Had you returned it within six months PC World would have been liable for the fault under the 'six months' rule in consumer law.

What did PC World say the fault was when the repair was carried out - in other words, what did they do to it?

If a laptop's keys are literally too hot to touch within ten minutes there's a serious cooling fault, and the machine is certainly 'not fit' for use.

  spuds 14:21 10 Jan 2010

Like the FE, I would question why you waited so long with an obvious problem like overheating. There have been many incidents reported about laptop's overheating and even some catching fire, and a simple internet search might have brought a few ideas as to the reasons why and the remedy of correction for your particular laptop or brand. Have you tried that route of enquiry?.

Regarding what the 'Tech Guys' have stated, take that with a pinch of salt, because consumer law is paramount ad not what the 'Tech Guys' think or insist. Your repairs are confirmation that something is wrong with the laptop, so I wouldn't get to concerned about "the warranty runs out in 8 days", its for PCW to resolve or try to resolve the problem, under perhaps 'not fit for the purpose'.

Your rights Consumer Direct click here

  kev4022 14:55 10 Jan 2010

the overheating was at first very gradual which is the reason it took so long to report.

Update: Top tip! take a very gobby old person with you, we told the father what had happened at pcw and he was off..20 mins later he's phoning us from pcw. After threatening with small claims court, complaining to the managing director and radio we now have a written guarantee that if it breaksdown within 3 months of it being repaired we can have an exchange/credit note.

Oh and if the store says something like 'its not our policy to offer an exchange/refund' you should reply with 'its not my policy to accept your policy' - apparently that line sealed the deal.

  danbrazier 18:11 10 Jan 2010

shouting, threatening and intimidating is certainly one school of thought.

at the end of the day the people in these shops don't necessarily have to put up with it if it comes across as threatening.

it'd be much better to simply evidence the problem to a manager in the store and plead your case - if it's too hot to touch there's clearly something wrong.

if it's been away a couple of times - perhaps agree a suitable timescale with somebody that can both be trusted to adhere and also has enough knowledge/clout to back it up if it's still not sorted.

8th repair isn't something that's written in any policy - indeed - there isn't really any "fixed" number of repair attempts.

either way - lucky for you that your local store is apparently open to the odd bit of threatening.

  wee eddie 15:06 11 Jan 2010

is totally unacceptable.

However it is unusual and suggests that "all" generated heat is being channelled up-wards rather than out of the laptop.

Are you sure that your working methods are not partially to blame?

For example: Is the Laptop sitting on a hard flat surface, someones lap, a carpet, a cushion or Bedclothes. If it is anything other than the first, the Cooling Ports could be being blocked.

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