PC World or The Lost World

  User-103F6592-F903-4DB9-B7433E06FF7E634C 15:15 09 Jan 2003

I just logged on after receiving this months copy of the mag.I noticed you are running a survey of Dixons drop in sales, anyway someone said it was due to lack of confidence in the economy.
I disagree,let me relate what transpired when i ordered agoods in the sale online at PC World on the 2/01/03. the total saleprice should have amounted to£183.97 i was charged £233.97. I checked my account online to find that their addition was £50.00 out. I immediately emailed them and have sent more than 8 emails since all to no avail. They took the money from my credit card sent me the goods even though i told them not too. When i recieved the parcle today they have the item on an invoice showing it charged at £199.99 yet it is still shown online in my account at £149.99. I immediately sent them another email telling them to cancel and arrange collection. I also Emailed customer services at Dixons and Corporate affairs.This matter could have been sorted with 1 email saying that they where looking into it and that they would respond.Instead they have consistantly refused to answer the phones or my Emails.

  mikef™ 19:02 09 Jan 2003

Contact your credit card company if the site price was what you said at the end of the ordering process PCW are guilty of obtaining money illegally so you must get your credit card company involved, making sure you have ALL the relevant documents and I hope you printed off the order page as that will be needed.

  Forum Editor 19:50 09 Jan 2003

"PCW are guilty of obtaining money illegally"

Where did you get that information from? PCW are guilty of no such thing.

To obtain money illegally you have to commit a theft or a fraud, or obtain money by deception. There has to be intent - you must show that the person or company intended to permanently deprive you of the money.

There is no such evidence apparent in this case - it sounds like a mistake, or sloppy accounting, or both. You might well argue that this kind of thing is symptomatic of the problem facing Dixons, but you must not alledge theft/fraud/criminal deception. That way lies the libel court.

I suggest that you write to the PC World customer service department herein. Send the letter by special delivery. Decide what you want to do - return the goods and cancel the transaction, or keep the goods and pay £183.97

Yes quiet agree forum editor,maybe i did not make it clear in my thread but the total PC World had for the Transaction was £233.97,what appeared in my online account was as follows.
1 DVD Rewriter on sale for £149.99 plus Dvd discs for£29.99 then P&P 3.99. Total £183.97 but shown as £233.97 no where was the ammount £199.99 shown but the Dvd Rewriter now appears on the invoice i received with the goods as £199.99 the Pre Sale price. This is what i have tried to sort out since then to no avail.

  Forum Editor 20:43 09 Jan 2003

the pre-sales price for the DVD writer. You have been overcharged by £50 in error as you say (I assume the prices all include VAT), and should send that letter first thing in the morning.

  mikef™ 20:48 09 Jan 2003

Sorry FE I understood the post to say that the agreed amount was £183.97 and the credit card was charged for £233.97 if that was the case it would have been serious, as it wasn't my post was wrong.

The moral of this case is to read things properly, the post in my case and the final charge before clicking complete.

  wee eddie 22:38 09 Jan 2003

Did you take a copy of(or Save) the account. Print it out. Send it off. That is something that cannot be argued with.

While we all believe you, it will be difficult to prove your case without such evidence.

Thanks, yes i did keep a copy of my account, i even sent it as an attachment with several of the emails.I know a lot of companies dont like opening attachments but they must have known it was from a genuine customer.

  powerless 08:12 10 Jan 2003

Well interesting, i actually ordered two items from PC World. Two Weeks later i recieved an email saying that my order was cancelled due to an error and i should contact my card issuer.

No problem there, the items were not exactly a "must have".

Anyway the following day to my suprise i recieved another email stating that the goods were on there way. Well i waited and waited for another two weeks and then i replied to the second email sent. I recieved another email the following day saying (as the first email said) there was an error and i should contact my card issuer. I sent the two original emails back to them and they said they would look into it...

Three days later another email and the final one arrived and again there was an error and i should contact my card issuer. Apparrently the expiry date was incorrect. I dont know how though. Anyway my point being PC world were helpful and responded to my emails.

I actually popped into my local PCW to buy the two items last tuesday.

Just a quick word about my emails. The only emails i have had seem to be automatically generated plus one that thanked me for my enquiry and basically told me not to be impatient that delivery usually takes 4-7 days,that was good to know if i had emailed on the subject of delivery. My point is this,at no time have i even had an acknowledgment to any of my emails on the subject of the overcharge. I think that i like most people who spend money with these companies deserve a little civility. PC World should take a
look at Dabs Site,where you can cancel an order online even after purchasing. I have emailed Consumer affairs,Customer [email protected] Dixons and Simon Turner the MD. Maybe someone is looking into my problem i will keep you updated.

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