PC World op system upgrade to XP

  plantzzman 23:12 06 Oct 2003

A friend of mine this last week went into PC World with her Compaq PC which isnt to old and when purchased was all singing and dancing.Its operating system was ME.
She had decided to have a memmory upgrade and have ME upgraded to XP home.
At PC world she was told that what she was asking for was not a problem.She made a point of asking if all the software already installed would continue to run ok and was told yes.
After work was completed it was reset up at home.
What she wasnt aware of was the Norton antivirus was nolonger running in Auto Protect and could not be set to this leading to her getting a set of viruses without realising it.The error message from Norton it transpired relates to errors which occurr when ME is upgraded to XP-seems things go wappy.Removal of the Norton software and reinstalation was tried but after much work to remove Norton it couldnt be reinstalled.It was also found various net type applications no longer worked.The system was taken back and left although she was told it was her fault for asking them to install XP-There advice had been there wouldnt be a problem.
Within a hour or so a call came to say it was ready.
It Then arrived home and they reset it up and found they now had a bright pink screen!!!!! and could do nothing.
So back it has gone today and they have told PC World they are not having it back until its sorted.When that will be who knows.

  plantzzman 00:25 15 Oct 2003

Well my friend got a call from PC World yesterday to say her PC was ready.They said there had been a delay as they needed to order new parts? for the DVD.This was pretty strange as the PC only went in for more memmory and XP installation.She did note however that when it came back the first time the DVD had mysteriously stopped working-very bizarre.I have yet to hear if the PC actually works.

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