PC World ,not happy

  iqs 16:08 24 May 2014


I thought I would share my experience with PC World

I have am ASUS laptop which is experiencing software related issues. I have a thread in W8 forum

Last Thursday after spending two days restoring the laptop to default setting,which failed to fix the issues,I returned the laptop to PC World.

I explained the problems,and that I have reinstalled the OS 4 times,then ask their advice

The member of staff,tested the hardware,that was fault free,then wanted to reinstall the OS. This would cost me £50

I explained again,that I have tried this many times,and that it wouldn't address the fault if you tried .And I was not going to pay £50 for someone to do what I have/can do.

We agreed that a new image would need to be copied to the HDD.This would cost £50,and would be sent away

I was happy to pay the £50,because I believed the original image was corrupt

Today I received the test informing me the laptop was fixed,and ready for collection.

On starting the laptop,I noticed my log in details were till present,I asked them not to use a user name & password .I questioned this,and that's when I was informed they didn't do as I requested,they just did a stranded install from the OS

I explained without shouting,searing quoting trading standers etc,that this is not what we agreed,and the laptop is still faulty

He offered to send it back again,but I refused . Stating politely ,it will be another week of waiting,and it shouldn't require sending back to have done was I agreed to pay for

Thats when he offered me a full refund.

During this time I was patient,and treated him respectively,because it was not his fault.

My issues with PC World,are ,they failed to fix my laptop,and after he issued the refund ,he just walked off,and left me waiting by the desk,thinking that he was still dealing with me. No sorry,thank you ,just walked off.

I said being slightly sarcastic ,thank you ,then left

I cant believe all that's happened,and am currently drafting a letter of complaint

My laptop is still unusable,and will never pay PC World to fix anything

Thank you

  iqs 16:11 24 May 2014

sorry for the typos,cant type lol

  Forum Editor 18:20 24 May 2014

Once upon a time we saw lots of complaints about PC World's customer service, but for some time now we have hardly seen any. I assume that to be because the company has improved its attitude towards its customers.

In your case something obviously went wrong, and although I can understand why you have no intention of paying the company again I'm wondering what your options are. If the problem is software related it should be a simple matter to fix. I see from your thread in the Windows 8 forum that it is related to Windows update downloads failing. This is usually a Firewall-related issue, and I wonder if you've explored that possibility?

Either way, I don't really see this as a PCWorld problem, although I note that they offered to try to fix it for £50. That didn't work, so you were entitled to expect a refund, and (after some discussion) they refunded your money.

Unless this is a relatively new machine I don't think you can go any further with PCWorld. Try turning off the firewall, and see what happens.

  iqs 20:16 24 May 2014

Thank you for the reply & link MechKB 2,will have a proper read tomorrow

Thank you Forum Editor for the reply

The laptop is only 17 months old. Until 2 months ago,I was paying £7 a month to PC World for their cover. I cancelled the cover by mistake ,a lesson learnt there

I agree its not their problem,its just the way my repair was dealt with,and his attitude towards me . Like I said on this forum and to the member of staff,its not his fault,I didn't result to threats or a abusive approach.

I feel like now maybe I should have ,but that's in the past

I tried switching the firewall off,still the same.

There must be a solution ?

Thank you both for the help

  The Kestrel 21:39 24 May 2014

In the past when I have needed a repair to my PC, I have always gone to a local repair company and had excellent service. I used checkatrade click here to find a local firm with good reviews. You need to put 'Computer maintenance' in the trade box to obtain a list of local repairers and their reviews.

  spuds 02:53 25 May 2014

I would suggest that you follow The Kestrel suggestion and seek independent advice, which is likely to to have a fee attached to the service provided. Some places are now doing a no fix no fee arrangement, when others might have a fixed or hourly fee.

After perhaps doing that, then any professional reports will give you further guidance to how PC World should be approached if you intend going any further with your complaint.

  mole1944 05:30 25 May 2014

Another alternative is to use this forum we're free friendly,and the buzz you get from fixing your machine is nice,you'll learn lot's about computers as well yourself,unless the machine is under guarantee or it's software installed by yourself whilst it's under guarantee, you only learn when things go wrong try us we're a cost effective solution.

  onthelimit1 09:01 25 May 2014

I note the FE's comments with interest as I've just spent 3 days trying to get a new Asus to install MS updates! Personally wouldn't touch PC World /Currys with a bargepole. Some of the 'advice' they've offered friends of mine have been terrible. Example "You can't use free antivirus with W8, so I suggest you buy Norton from us for £???"

  iqs 13:29 25 May 2014

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies

There are a few local PC repair firms,but would sooner fix the problem myself with your help please

I have a thread in W6 regarding the problem,please feel free to offer any suggestions

Thank you

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