pc world no stock

  yorkieman 16:27 12 May 2006

today 121/5/06 i went into pc world in harrogate and saw two epson projectors the tw10 at £297 and the s1 at £219 i said i would like the tw10 the salesman checked and said he could not get one for me as it was discontinude so i said i would take the s1 he then informed me he did not have one of these either,why have them on display if they are not available suffice as to say i will not be going to pc world again or recomending them to anyone. the projectors on display wher dummy ones.rang their cutomer sevice but just fobed off with an apology

  Stuartli 16:54 12 May 2006

Displaying a product and a price is an invitation to trade - the outlet doesn't have to sell it to you if it doesn't want to do so.

Mad I know...:-)

You are equally entitled to make an offer that is different from the price displayed but, again, the offer can be turned down by the retailer.

By the way, I initially thought from your thread title that the entire PC World empire had run out of stock...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:43 12 May 2006

There is no point stamping your feet, telling the whole world not to use PCW because of one mistake. A more adult view would be to take it on the chin and accept that you are in the real world. It is not the end of the world.


Give it a rest Gandalf. Your acerbic comments are becoming tedious in the extreme.

  ade.h 18:29 12 May 2006

Surely it is not beyond the wit of man (even those who work in PC World) to monitor stocks and remove from display any products that are "discontinued"?! Larger stores than PC World manage to cope perfectly well, and it is not an isolated case either; I have experienced similarly poor stock control in my nearest PC World.

  Totally-braindead 18:36 12 May 2006

I agree its foolish and perhaps even poor service for any company to have on display an item which they have no stock of. I don't use PC World as in general they are too expensive, I tend to get better prices from a local computer supplier down the High Street, but having said that its a bit strong saying you will never buy from them again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:04 12 May 2006

You need a dose of reality. It is not uncommon for large shops to run out of stock and only have the dummy models on show as I know from a few mobile phone shops but to get all puffed up and say in the strongest terms that this is the end, I will never darken the doors again, is rather OTT.

Next time Waitrose runs out of Burgen bread I will never darken it's doors again and I will mount a protest outside to inform the whole world of it's misdeeds. /eyes raise

Rather strangely the prices seem very cheap for those projectors.


ps you need to look up the definition of acerbic. ;-)))

  Dizzy Bob 19:11 12 May 2006

Hi Yorkieman,

The following stores are showing stock. Why not see if your local store will arrange to get on in for you.

Stafford, Reading, Poole, Bury St Edmonds, Cheltenham, Plymouth, Bexhill, Brighton, Ashford, Old Kent Road, Nottingham, Halifax, Chester, Stirling, Aylesbury, Bury.

This is for the Epson TW10. Please note that none of the stores are showing more than 1 item, so it may well be on display or even incomplete - however at that price you may want to buy it anyway!

The store is under no obligation to get it in for you, but a polite approach works wonders!!



  Dizzy Bob 19:17 12 May 2006

For the S1,

Liverpool and Bangor (Wales) are showing 2 in stock, the follwing stores are showing 1.

Croydon, Northampton, Solihull, Exeter, Norwich, Cambridge, Gloucester, Yeovil, Carmarthen, Orpington, Catford, Bexhill, Ashford, Staines, Slough, Huddersfield, Stafford.

Advise as before regarding ex display or possiblty missing bits.



  namtas 21:03 12 May 2006

GANDALF <|:-)> You commented "price seems very cheap for those projectors"

These are the cheaper LCD projectors, the bulb adds around £200 to £300 to the cost in a conventional projector.

I am not sure how good these LCD projectors are in comparison.

  Vangeliska 21:31 12 May 2006

Looks good to me!!

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