PC World No-No

  wids001 13:31 22 Apr 2010

Last week I decided it was time to ditch my old Dell machine (9 years old)and invest in a new model. I took a fancy to Acer's All-In-One machines so headed off to PC World. I was realy impressed with the demonstration that the alesman gave me and after about 1/2 hour decided that the Acer was the one for me. I'll take it, I said, only to then be told they didn't actually have any in stock! No problem, they could order me one as a number of their supercentres had the model I as after in stock. So long as I paid for it in advance they could do me a deal to get the acer at the on-line price and it would be with them last Friday.

On my way home from work on Friday I called in to see what was happening as I had not received a phone call from them. After handing my collection receipt to a salesman, he then disappeared for 25 minutes only to return with the news that it had not arrived. Upon checking I was told that the machine hadn't actually been ordered and that PC World didn't even have this particular model in any of their stores. By this time I just wanted to get away, so I calmly asked for a refund on my £821.99 that I had paid for the machine.

Then the problems really began.

After spending another 10 minutes at the till waiting for my refund, the salesman had to ask for assistance from a supervisor as the refund wasn't working. I needed to steady myself when the supervisor casually told the salesman that a refund couldn't be issued because no stock had been sold!!!! Now I was getting angry! After demanding to speak to the manager another supervisor arrived and immediately asked if I would be prepared to accept a different computer! No, I demanded my refund, and finally after another round of phone calls and another 15 minutes I finally got it ... Left the store and went next door to Comets. I explained the hassle I had just had and told them what I was looking for and if they had it in stock. Yes, they did but only with a 500gb HD and not the 1TB Drive that I was after. However, I could have their Acer for £749.99 and they would throw in an Iomega 1TB external HD as well.

Paid my money and spent this weekend enjoying my new computer, and next time I purchase anything to do wth computers it won't be with PC World!

  Big L 266 14:06 22 Apr 2010

I am so sorry to read of the problems you've experienced with this bunch. When I saw your story,it reminded me of the horrors of my dealings with them.I was suddenly overcome with sweats, palpitations, rage and anger as though I was re-reading MY experience.

My then new computer from them went wrong from start-up.I then spent the next 13 weeks going though endless rows, arguments, phone calls, emails, letters and then my local CAB and county Trading Standards, and then my credit card firm and one legal hotline to get my money back.

I vowed never to touch this bunch of backroom amateurs again and thankfully never have. Reading your story only reinforces my view that PC World is all show over substance.I also think its time for my meds as I feel a swoon coming on!

Nurse? The screens!

Glad all went well in the end!

Big L 266

  wids001 14:21 22 Apr 2010

Thanks for that Big L 266.

As an aside you've really cheered me up with your screen name ... Wonderful Radio London ... What a station! Happy days the 1960's

  Big L 266 14:36 22 Apr 2010


At last someone (you) has recognised my screen name! Indeed Radio London was my favourite radio station and I'm also lucky enough to have and own a nearly full set of their PAMS jingles,plus the Keith Skues 3 part cd-only documentary,and a hard-back book of the Radio London story.

It may be nearly 43 years since Big L closed at 3pm on August 14th 1967,but the memories of this finest of stations lives on.

Pass me 'Big Lil & the sonowaltz'!

Big L 266

  amonra 14:47 22 Apr 2010

We need more postings like this one to get PC World to acknowlege they have a BIG problem with their sales staff. It's quite obvious their managers have been told to keep cost to a minimum and not refund anything unless they really have to. Losing one customer doesn't seem to matter too much as long as the rest can be fobbed off with excuses.
Glad you had a satisfactory outcome Wids001, more power to your elbow.

  wiz-king 15:09 22 Apr 2010

I was just down the estuary drifting around on Caroline for much of my mis-spent yoof.
I even managed a 10 Guineas fine to be paid at 5 shillings a week.

  HondaMan 15:17 23 Apr 2010

About the only thing I use them for nowadays, is looking at that which I am going to buy from someone else (just to see it in the flesh before parting with my hard-earned cash)!

  john bunyan 18:47 23 Apr 2010

A poignant memory of Radio London - I also recall Radio Luxembourg (208 medium wave, I think) -

  961 18:53 23 Apr 2010

but do you remember Horace Batchelor from K E Y N...?

  amonra 20:42 23 Apr 2010

john bunyan and Big L266, We ARE going back a bit now aren't we !!!! I made a 3 valve TRF radio to listen to them, but not before dark, the reception was very poor before about 7pm. Happy days...............

  ronalddonald 21:46 23 Apr 2010

Im sorry you went through all of this but i would of thought someone like you would of read about pc world and tech guys etc on these forums before you made the choice of buying a computer.

If you look there countless incidence's of these idiots who work at pc world. There was one time these so called sale staff were bloggin about customers and how intelligent they were than the customers and until it pc world bosses found out.

I use ot buy stuff from pc world but im glad i don't any more i try novatech argos and ebuyer thats it

I have hated pc world since when you buy a laptop or desktop they always almost try to sell norton virus or some stupid software that you don't need or you find out its already preloaded on the computer

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