pc world nightmare

  itsgary 14:40 22 Aug 2003

Having spent £1300 on a t175 hp pc l was talked into the protection package at £480 over 10 months. l got home and thought of it and my brother having a pc engineer as a friend l decided not to have it so rang the number on my receipt to cancel it, l was told to pop in store for my £20 deposit return having forgotten this today l was passing pc world and thought to go in to reatreave it after waiting 1/2 hour was told no record of me cancelling it and l could not have my £20 l rang my bank to be told a £50 was taken out 3 weeks ago this l was told l have also lost so beware dealing with pc world the smiles stop once your money is in there pocket

  medicine hat 16:37 22 Aug 2003

They certainly know to help part you from your hard earned

  mikef. 18:33 22 Aug 2003

itsgary how long had you had your extended warranty before you actually went back to claim your deposit, whilst you do have a right to cancel this is time limited and invariably has to be made in writing.

  wee eddie 18:52 22 Aug 2003

and several methods with which which to cancel.

PC World were right to tell you to pop in and Cancel. A Recorded Delivery Letter with the identifying details would have done the same.

I have a certain sympathy for PC World.

  Rayuk 19:15 22 Aug 2003

You dont say whether they have now cancelled the warranty?

If they havnt

Looks like you may be in for another shock if they deduct another payment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:17 22 Aug 2003

'Millions still go there'....and there lies the fundamental reason why there are 'so' many complaints. Millions are very happy and ahve no cause for complaint. For what it's worth I buy all the computers that I recommend to friend etc. from there . I keep saying this but there are not many complaints, as a ratio to forum members and certainly not as a ratio to actual customers. This is fairly simple maths.

'They certainly know to help part you from your hard earned'...errrrm, yes this is the basis of all business and I congratulate on you on your perception.



  Djohn 23:47 22 Aug 2003

Erm! I have no problems with PC World at all and recommend them as often as I can, found their products to be very good and have never had any problems with staff, always find them very polite and helpful. Maybe it's the way that I approach and speak to them. Regards. j.

  itsgary 18:29 23 Aug 2003

thanks for the comments yes, j l am polite and gandulf, l was in retailing its not just taking the cash and handing over a product, its the service that goes with it, and on this pcw lack, all l can say looking at the comments they have a lot of loyal staff working for them they dont deserve it, and yes l have stopped the direct debit and l did originally ring them before the fortnight and all the person was interested in was trying to talk me out of it, where l went wrong was not recording it or putting it in wrighting.

  Forum Editor 18:50 23 Aug 2003

Stopping your direct debit may not have been a very wise thing to do. The extended warranty agreement is not with PC World but with an insurance company, and there's a set procedure for cancelling such an agreement.

You must do it within 14 days, and in writing. Unless you send a written termination you will almost certainly find that your agreement has not been cancelled, and if your bank refuses to make payments on a direct debit request you'll be in default.

Criticising PC World is unjustified in this case - it's your responsibility to cancel the agreement correctly, not theirs. The terms and conditions will make this quite clear. As you say - where you went wrong was not putting it in writing.

  itsgary 09:33 24 Aug 2003

MMM carrying on paying as you say lm in default by cancelling the payment having read the small print it says if payment not made in 7 days the insurance will be cancelled, incidentally the insurance is the same company of pcw are you all in pcw pocket or is the sight run by pcw mmm it probably is.

  RichieT 11:23 24 Aug 2003

There is nothing like a good PC World thread to start of a baseline rally
The prices of peripherals has fallen so much over the last 5 or so years that a Warranty seema to be an expensive alternative to a mate who is comfortable taking computers to pieces and repairing them
I, and I assume, we, have less spec drives and cd-roms lying about that are still backwards compatable to run tests for cables etc.
If however the fault turns out to be a catastophic failure then the consumer still has the law on his/her side as posted in other threads

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