PC world misleading instore prices

  richierich 21:05 20 Dec 2004

Have just returned very angry from enfield PC world. two iteme I tried to purchase were priced wrongly. they werent just a couple of items accidently placed in the wrong section but a whole big display of dvd writers that were priced underneath as one price but were labeled incorrectly.
I complained to the manager who said they were waiting for the correct stock to come in, but nothing wwas done to sort this out.
I wonder if its a deliberate policy as many people who are buying several itmems may not notice the prices scanned at the till.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:12 20 Dec 2004

There is no legal liability in law for a price to be correct. It is only an offer which is accepted when you receive a till receipt.


  richierich 21:16 20 Dec 2004

Im not sure its legal to deliberately misprice things that you can only find out at the till.

  spuds 22:50 20 Dec 2004

If you think that the store is deliberatly mis-pricing, and any consumer laws have been broken, then I would suggest that you contact your local trading standards for further guidance.

Whilst it is quite legal to make an offer for purchase, it is illegal to state a price as a reduction when it can be proven that this is not the case. A number of stores have been prosecuted for making false statements.

  Starfox 22:55 20 Dec 2004

I have had this happen to me many times at P C World,but usually the marked price has been greater than the scanned price and I therefor got the items cheaper.
I saw no reason to complain.:o)

  wjrt 23:05 20 Dec 2004

you can always go to the cashdesk with the product and politely ask for the item to be scanned for price and then decide to purchase or not

  sidecar sid 23:05 20 Dec 2004
  richierich 23:07 20 Dec 2004

Yeah great idea, select my goods, que up for 20 minutes then get the proper prices and make a decision what i want to buy.

  josie mayhem 18:40 21 Dec 2004

You found a price?

At my nearest pcw, I've spent more time finding the price for the products that I'm compareing than actualy choosing the one I want! And when you can't find the price at all. I've found rather than go and wait at the tills, to ask a cashier to scan it for you. Ask one of the floor assistants and they go straight over and scan it before the next customer is served, so no hanging around involved.

  oresome 19:42 21 Dec 2004

These problems stem from having volatile pricing and large stores holding hundreds of different items. Easy to alter the database, less so all the shelve edge tickets constantly.

Why not have electronic shelve edge tickets tied into the database? All they've got to do then is ensure the products are in the right place.

I note that filling stations are going over to electronic signs. Much easier than changing the price posters every week.

  rupie 20:19 21 Dec 2004

If An item is priced incorrectly then any retailer has the right to either sell to you at the price or take the item off sale.To remove an item off sale means that all items of stock must be removed from sale, but for how long I don't know. If you keep an eye out then you can quite oftern pick up a bargin from under pricing. They have such a complicated system of pricing, especially in the 28days upto a sale that faults occur. I don't think have time to price so many things correctly let alone deliberatly mislead people. The thing of a price offer only correct when the sale is completed is not done in retail, only in places where negotiations are done and bartering is the norm. Retail have never done this

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