PC World made me happy!

  g0slp 22:43 11 Apr 2003

After I discovered that Time wanted to charge me £37.50 to ship my (kaputt) scanner back to them for "investigation" (I was a Tiny "on-site" customer), I got a brand new HP3500c scanner from PC World's web site for the same money, including shipping. ordered Tuesday, delivered this evening. Excellent!

OK, it's not up to date, but it's a nice piece of kit, & I've used one at work for a couple of years. It's also far in advance of the device that I'd have got from that bunch at Time.......

There we go, praise where it's due. (No trying to sell me an extended warranty either!)

  rickf 23:32 11 Apr 2003

I can't understand why this is exceptional. After all PCW did nothing more than what it was supposed to do. Perhaps that is the point where PCW is concerned.

  vaughan007 01:49 12 Apr 2003

I think u r missing the point a bit rickf.

Basically, Time wanted their customer to pay more then the product was worth to ship it back to them for "investigation".

This sounds pretty rubbish to me when u can buy a replacement for the same money from one of the UKs most expensive retailers.

  accord 08:19 12 Apr 2003

and to follow on from vaughan007s point, could have got one a lot cheaper if he had searched the dotcoms for one.

g0slp: well done for qiving Time the 2 fingered salute.

  gcs_uk 18:02 12 Apr 2003

PC World made me to, happy. Just over a year ago I was in PC World and made an impulse purchase and bought a PC. Spent a bit of time with the salesperson and after some good natured haggling he agreed that PC World would increase the memory from 128 to 256mb ram. It was a bundle and I got a scanner, printer and digital camera. Scanner and Printer were fine and still are totally dequate for my needs. However the Digital camera was crap it was one of their PCLine range of cameras. No matter what we tried we could not get it to work as per the manual so we took it back. The person on the customer service desk got it working but had to throw away the manual and work it out himself, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the camera and asked if they could replace it he said yes, I then asked if they could give me the retail value of it towards another camera - at the time it was £75.00 he said as it was part of a bundle they could only give me a £10 credit, i understood why but asked him to have a word with the manager. He did and I got the full credit -I purchased an Olympus C100 digital camera and the sales person said it did everything the PC line camera did and more. I got it home and found that it had a smaller internal memory than
the PC Line camera - i phoned PC World and they agreed to give me a 16mb memory stick as a freebie.

I have had no problems with my PC and still very happy with all aspects of my purchase.

  g0slp 19:21 12 Apr 2003

but PCW were good on this occasion.

I should point out that my local Dixons had the same scanner for £69.99 - OK I could have taken it away immediately, but the couple of days' wait was worth it.

rickf, that was exactly the point - PCW always seem to be on the receiving end of flak - praise just seemed to be the right thing to do on this occasion.

accord, thanks for your kind words; others can make their own minds up about Time - I simply reported the facts in this case. It did feel GOOOOOOOD, though!

gcs_uk - nice one!

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