PC World lost my laptop

  MattyC1983 18:05 27 Jun 2011

On the 15th May 2011, I brought my laptop to my local PC World to be fixed. I paid £50.00 for the laptop to be checked by the “Know How” team and agreed that I would pay for any repairs that needed to be made. I was assured that this process would take a maximum of 19 days. On the 23rd May 2011, I received a text message from the Know How team to advise me that my laptop would be ready for collection in store on the 29th May 2011.

On arriving at the store, I was told that they have no knowledge of the laptop being delivered and that they would contact me when it did. I have since received no call to tell me it has arrived or even update me on its situation. I returned home and called the Know How Team directly, who confirmed that it has left their centre and that it was probably stalled in Bank Holiday mail delay. I was advised that I would receive a phone call updating me on its status on the 31st May 2011. No phone call was made.

On Friday 3rd June 2011, I rang the PC World Service line (08445610000) in order to enquire about the whereabouts of my laptop. The operator I spoke to was unsure and promised to call me by Monday 6th June 2011. I received no phone call.

On Tuesday 7th June 2011, I called the same PC World Service line and spoke to an operator by the name of Andy, who finally admitted that it was likely that my laptop was lost. He promised to contact the “distribution hub” and chase up my lost laptop, stating that he was launching a “Lost In Transit” investigation. Advised that this would take 48 hours, I waited.

On Saturday 11th June 2011, I rang the PC World helpline again, to be told that the “Distribution Hub” would contact me within the hour to confirm that my laptop was missing. I received no phone call. Ringing a second time on Saturday I was told that a “Lost In Transit” investigation would be launched and that this would take 48 hours. This is the second time I had been told this. It was made clear to me that this case and been marked as urgent and that someone would contact me the next day from the Distribution Hub. No phone call was received.

On Monday 13th June 2011, I called the PC World Line again to confirm that things were in progress, to be told by an operator by the name of Hugh, that a “Lost In Transit” investigation had been launched and that I would know by Tuesday and that I would receive a phone call to confirm that my laptop had been lost and that I would have then wait 72 hours for codes to be actioned to replace my laptop. No phone call was received on Tuesday.

Phoning on Wednesday 15th June 2011, I spoke to an operator called Richard who advised me that a “Lost In Transit” investigation HAD NOT been launched at any stage and that he would personally launch one. I now have been advised to wait a further 48 hours for this to take place. I’m sure that if confirmed lost I will then have to wait a further 72 hours for a reimbursement codes to be authorised.

Having finally received a phone call from the operator Richard on Friday 17th June 2011, I was disappointed to find out that the investigation that I had just waited 48 hours to be launched would take another 48 hours to be completed.

A week later, I have finally been authorised to get a laptop, but only one of PC World's choosing. I believe that the laptop offered is worse than the laptop they lost. Am I entitled to a HP laptop if they lost a HP Laptop?

P.S. - I have already complained in writing, recorded delivery, with no response

  woodchip 18:16 27 Jun 2011

Only read the first part.Why did you need a new Laptop Servicing? Second if you just handed the Laptop over to them without some kind of receipt. Then you may have to say good by to your Laptop. Would you just hand it over to a man on the street? that's all they are with a PC world badge on their T shirt. Not much different to the above

  MattyC1983 18:19 27 Jun 2011

I broke the screen of my laptop, and that is why it needed servicing.

I have a receipt and all documentation of everything that has taken place

  woodchip 19:05 27 Jun 2011

If you have the original receipt for Laptop and it was from them plus its same that you took in the will have to give you same value Laptop. If not go to Consumer Protection, though the screen was broken it does not mean they can lose the Laptop and give you just what they want. you still have rights under consumer Protection

  spuds 19:14 27 Jun 2011

You should get a replacement laptop that is 'equivalent to, or better than' the laptop that is suppose to have been lost (HP for HP!). Normally Dixon Retail (PCW/Curry) offer vouchers that can be exchanged at one of their stores, for a replacement item of any make.

'By the end of July' (the process is going through now) Dixon Retail will offer a better service regarding issues of service and customer care. That should be the time when 'KnowHow' are fully operative, with all previous and new staff being re-trained to higher standards, including checking the status of repairs and deliveries. Or at least, that is what Katie Bickerstaff of Dixon Retail as stated in a press release, including "never leave customers to fend for themselves".

You could try www.knowhow.com and the support link, perhaps using the reference number box (if you have a reference number), to see if that helps?.

Other than that, it might be a case of sending a letter by special delivery, stating a given time factor to resolve the issues, perhaps including a copy to the store manager who dealt with your initial request.

  woodchip 20:06 27 Jun 2011

May be time, for knocking a few teeth out

  Housten 12:45 28 Jun 2011

Why bother with them, they seem to have continually messed you about, with their apparent 'couldn't care less attitude'? I think that if you see a solicitor, get him to send a letter stating what and why you are suing them, with a full list of ALL your costs - including the solicitor - this will not only get their attention BUT might even get your laptop back! With this going on for 6 weeks now, it is too long and they should get - as woodchip said - a good kicking, but I wood suggest a lower part of their anatomy!

  proudfoot 14:31 28 Jun 2011

I suggest you contact Consumer Direct. In the past when I have had problems they have given me excellent advice as to a course of action. They will also dictate a letter to send quoting the relevant consumer legislation. In the last resort you could make a claim in the small claims court for the return of your laptop repaired, a replace ment or the full cost price. This usually wakes businesses up and they respond when they see you are not taking it lying down. If a previous threat is ignored the procedure is simple just filling in forms and supplying copies of any paperwork etc and a simple chronological statement of how you have tried to resolve the situation and a returnable small fee dependant on the sum of money involved if you are successful.

  HondaMan 10:22 30 Jun 2011

I gho with Housten on this one. It concentrates the mind wonderfully!

  Woolwell 12:51 30 Jun 2011

But a solicitor will cost money. Consumer direct is the first step.

  proudfoot 14:55 30 Jun 2011

I agree they have advised me on a number of occasions twice with big problems with faulty equipment and furniture. When you quote the relevant legislation which they will advise if you describe the problem honestly and accurately the retailer in my experience sits up and takes notice.

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