PC World insurance ???

  thatloser88 12:07 11 Dec 2010

hi there, i was sold a decent spec Acer laptop from PC World roughly a year and a half ago, but when i brought it home the software had corrupted.. apparently they'd given me a dodgy display model. So i took it back the same night and they replaced it with (what i later found to be) a much lower spec Advent laptop, even though they told me that it was as good as / roughly the same price as the Acer. Since that time, it has slowly been falling apart due to an apparent lack of build quality, and im finding the machine is incapable of running programs i need for my university course, that and it has also decided it is no longer a "genuine copy of vista". my main problem at this time is that i have assignments due in next week, which i am unable to do because not only can i not run my programs, but i cant use Office now either.
I have read the stories about customer issues with their insurance coverage, but can anyone see it being replaced there and then? Or is it more likely to be chalked up as Accidental damage (even though it really is not accidental damage) and sent off for decades?

  spuds 14:09 11 Dec 2010

Considering that you have had the laptop for roughly a year and a half, I think your hopes of having a new machine are very slim.

You might get a pro rota voucher as payment, but this is something that you would have to discuss with PCW and their insurance people. And why would or should it be chalked up as accidental damage, have you dropped the laptop or something?.

  thatloser88 14:18 11 Dec 2010

bare in mind that since purchase i have paid the pc world insurance every month, i may have failed to mention that!
no it has never been dropped or "neglected" in any way, but i can imagine that "the covers simply came off / the headphone port fell out / the webcam doesnt work / the usb ports do not work" etc etc is not gonna wash with them, especially with it being PC Worlds own brand.

  961 15:25 11 Dec 2010

What does the insurance cover?

Does it cover software as well as hardware issues?

When did you buy this and when was it replaced?

When did you find the replacement was lower spec?

What did you do when you found out?

What has been "falling apart"?

Does Microsoft now recognise your copy of Windows is genuine?

Acer is not PCWorld's own brand

Can you describe the hardware faults..
"the covers came off"
"the headphone port fell out"
when they happened and if you tried to have the faults rectified under the insurance

The web cam fault may be hardware or software and the usb failure may also be either but likely software

Have these issues been raised under your insurance?

  spuds 17:25 11 Dec 2010

Most insurance cover are on a monthly payment scheme, others have an option of a one off yearly payment, and I think most people are aware of that.

Coming back to all the 'problems' that you have noted. Was PCW or the TechGuys aware of these failures. If so, did they do any repairs or make an offer of alternatives. All these questions could well have support for any claims, if they are or were recorded at the time the events occurred.

You also state that 'you have decided' that the operating system is no longer "a genuine copy of vista". How do you know that, as someone replaced or reformatted the drive since it was supplied new.

If you have assignments to do by next week, then you are going to be struggling to complete those tasks, unless you consult PCW in all urgency. Then and only then, will you have the answer as to whether your insurance cover provides an instant replacement, or whether further repairs are inevitable. In which case, with Christmas only about 2 weeks away, you might find that speedy repairs are out of the question, even possibly this side of the New Year!.

There is a person called ajm who uses this forum, and who as contacts at PCW. If he sees your plight, he might possibly help?.

  ajm 19:39 11 Dec 2010

As long as you have been paying for the monthly "insurance" you are covered against mishaps and accidents, but not software.

Please try to answer the questions raised by 961 and spuds.

Please also note that due to the time of the year, it will be near impossible to get the laptop arranged to get it repaired and returned by next week.

However there is a very small possibility that you may be able to ask the store to give you a loan machine to help you in the interm. They will probably give you a ex-display model and may ask you you to pay for the price of the loan machine in full, with a refund once you return it.

If you wish to take this action, it will mostly depend on the store your go to. As an ex-employee of PC World in one of their stores in London, I used to offer a few customers who were in this similiar situations this option ( which the company doesnt really like to promote or offer) but used to work happily for the store concerned and the customer, who used to ALWAYS come back and recommend a lot of their friend and family.

Let us know what store this was purchased and also if you wish, drop me a line using the yellow envelope and I can give you some contact details at Head Office Level whom you can email / phone and ask them to look into your case.

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