PC World InkJet Cartridges Beware

  flipbrit 10:34 23 Feb 2010

HI All,

To cut costs in this recession I purchased a PC world inkjet replacement cartridge in Greenwich, which terribly splattered all over my Epson DX8450 Printer, brought item back to store within the hour, only to be told its not the onus on them to help clean or repair my printer!even when I said theres a fault with their replacement ink cartridge, and this caused the fault on my printer

I threatened legal action as I said, consumers then have no protection against ink replacement faults, such as the one I experienced, manager was really rude and said to me "out of the thousands of customers we had, your the only one that had trouble" I said "are you calling me a liar?" manager said No, such bad and uneducated customer service, I was about to purchase a top end laser printer,

PC World has lost my custom in all shapes and form, Cannot wait for best buy to open.........

  spuds 19:34 23 Feb 2010

Compatible printer cartridge retailer's know full well that their products are not always 100%, and leaks do occur. I know for sure that I have experienced leaking compatible cartridges in the past, and have had refunds to prove it.

A word of warning, you may never be able to remove mess or the stains, after this incident. Spilled ink a terrible commodity to remove, especially on plastic.

Why not seek advice from Consumer Direct click here about your legal rights in a situation like this. It might also pay to contact PC World's main customer service, and see what they offer!.

  GaT7 19:45 23 Feb 2010

Some cartridges come with a warning, that if handled/installed incorrectly, can cause ink spills. Did yours have a similar warning on the packaging or the cartridge itself?

Cartridges for my Canon inkjet come with this, & the instructions to avoid this from happening are very specific. G

  joka007 00:43 24 Feb 2010

if you believe that using those cartidges caused the fault to your printer, my advise would be to actually get evidence for this.
get independant report to confirm this, its yourr word against theirs...

but then again seeing as this copmany is trying to improve customer service relations maybe best to write in ??

  morddwyd 07:34 24 Feb 2010

Check your small print very, very carefully.

There are all sorts of opt outs for all sorts of problems using non-original cartridges, even if thousands do have no problem with them.

  Input Overload 09:04 24 Feb 2010

If it was me I would have another go at PC world, firstly I would write down the main points so I didn't go off the subject. I would dress well & pick a busy time when there are lots of customers around.

Never raise your voice & stick firmly to what you want & be willing to compromise. If this failed I would buy a new printer (You deserve one anyway).

Life isn't long enough to get too upset about a printer, I feel. I've used compatibles for years with my Canon & the one before it without issue so it isn't a common problem.

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