PC World Hell

  AcidBurn7uk 15:34 07 Jun 2004

I would just like to tell you a story about a recent PC purchase made by a family member. They had been pondering for a number of weeks about buying a new PC, with the old PC still running Win 95 with 32mb of RAM!! They finally decided to get a PC from pc world as it is easy to get to, practically next door to their workplace. Goes in graps a sale rep and start talking techy. My uncle (easier than syaing they) finally decided to get one of the e-machines that was on offer. Came with printer etc. He asks if it would be OK to call in next week to pick it up and the guys sais "the offer will have ended by then but I can put one away no problem" so he goes back to get it 1 week later and the guys sais that the offer had finished and he neve put one away!! So uncy gets a bit mad but bites. the PCW fella then said come back at the weekend cos he think the offer will be back on. So he goes back on saturday morning and the offer was back on. But there are also a few other offers on and the PCA dude is talking double dutch to him!! Which is when he rings me..

I gets there and he has narrowed it down to 3 pc's and a (can I say this) a mac! He then goes of the idea of a mac because although "it looks sexy" it wasn't as practical as a pc. 3 PCs to go. The 3rd came with a TFT moniter but we decided that since it was only likw 14" it was too small. So we have to PC's. Very similar specs, just one with firewire and one without. We grap the PCW guy again and say, "we'll take that one". The guy disappears for 10mins come back, sorry none in stock!! arrgghhh, my uncle had been there 4 hours now and little Jack needed food. Ok we say, we will take the other one (with no firewire :-( ) He shuffles off to do whatever he does and come back, none of them either!! So I say is their any in another store. Shuffles off again. Warrington have got xx of one and xx of the other. So we drop off my auntie and little Jack (little jack not 4 months yet and is so hungry he caould eat a horse!) and head of to warrington. Get there and tell the guy about our dilema at the other store. He gives a puzzled look and he then proceeds to shuffle off for 2 mins. Comes back and tells us the other store has like 4 of one and 7 of the other, and that he even phoned to make sure it wasn't a glitch on the puter! The guy that was helping was only a college student but was as helpful as wings on a plane!

We finally get it all back setup and uncy and aunt are happy makeing the massive leap from 95 - XP!

but what the hell is happening at PC World. Do people not have to pass some sort of test to actually know what a PC is. This is not the first time this has happened, I know others who have had problems, and all in the past few years. Is it that the PCW staff think that the customer is always computer illiterate. I would love to see some of the more well known members of the site (you know who you are) goto PC World and put them in their place when they try to sell a pc with a 2.4ghz processer and 256mb RAM and tell you how great it will be for video editing (they didn't it this case)

Anyways, though I would share that with you all, although I expect this post to sink faster than a led balloon.

  computernerdiamnot 17:18 07 Jun 2004

They only know how to see extended warranty, No for real there are a few who dont now anything about computers or hardware they are just there to sell you anything that they can sell.

In fairness it is not the sales people who should get the blame but PCWorld themselves who should train them and monitor them.

I had a experience the other month when my wife went in to buy my son a laptop, i told her the one to buy and the salesman told her he would need a powerful processor to do the things he wants to do, basically surf the net and do his school work i had chossen a intel celeron 2.8 and he was try to flog a £1000+ machine.

Also wanted a modem router for the laptop he came back with a Modem card (PCI) and a router.



  Al94 17:51 07 Jun 2004

The guy that was helping was only a college student but was as helpful as wings on a plane!

Strangely enough AcidBurn7uk, I thought these were pretty useful on a plane!

  AcidBurn7uk 18:15 07 Jun 2004

Al94 - the wings on a plane thing was meant to be interperated as being very useful. (other then when he tried to push the extended warrenty which I forgot to mention). Although he was only a college guy he really was most helpful.

I agree with computernerdiamnot, PCW really should train and moniter their staff. Unfortunatly though it only take a few bad experiences to cast a shadow over the (I guess) good staff that PCW employ.

  Al94 19:04 07 Jun 2004

I see, misinterpreted - sorry. You are basically right of course, within PCW as with many large companies, there is a vast range of knowledge ranging from the dangerously inadequate to the best. The sad thing is that it is only the computer literate who can spot the difference in most cases!!

  AcidBurn7uk 22:09 07 Jun 2004

Sorry for posting after the checking the resolved box but...

As with many companies these days, PCW isn't a standalone company. They are part of the dixons group who own alot of other companies. So if head office are failing to train staff for PCW, what sort of advise are we getting from other stores??

Fortunatly I normally know what I want, and If I don't I will read up on it before going to a store so I wam, at least, armed with something, but PC wise, I have neve bought one. Although help Freinds and Family etc, I always build my own. If they want a build from me I assure them that it could cost slightly more that a factory machine (Better components and better specs) and to remember that it won't have a guarentee other that the standard parts guarentee!! (What was point in telling you all that?)

  -Beb- 22:13 07 Jun 2004

It's fun going into places like PC World and saying that you would like to buy a new computer but yours is a bit old and at the time you paid about 2grand for it and don't really know the price of a good computer nowadays, that's when it gets funny....

  ened 06:38 08 Jun 2004

"The sad thing is that it is only the computer literate who can spot the difference in most cases!!"
There's the rub. We all had to start somewhere and it seems to me there is a never ending supply of unknowlwdgeable victims starting out with computers who are vulnerable.

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