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  Vixenight 23:10 22 Dec 2005

I feel that sometimes PC World receives a generally bad press on this Forum. I recently took my Medion Computer(3yrs old) To the Hull branch and had a new Power Supply Unit plus Geforce 6 6600LE card fitted whilst I waited for th cost of £30. It took about an hour and the update has a 3months parts and labour guarantee. Good service I think. Vixenight

  tamc98 10:30 23 Dec 2005

You could have done this yourself in about 10min and saved the £30.
If you're not that confident at opening up your system you couls put a post in the Helproom furom. There are plenty of people on there that would guide you through the process and it wouldn't cost a penny.

  tamc98 10:31 23 Dec 2005

Sorry, that should have been could not couls.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:02 23 Dec 2005

Some people have no interest or do not want to touch the insides of their computer. I am the same with my car, the bonnet is only opened by a specialist company as a) they know what to do if something is wrong, b) I can't be bothered to get my hands dirty which is why we have mechanics c) if they screw up they fix FOC.


  tamc98 12:07 23 Dec 2005

Absolutely true. I just thought that some one using these forums may have an interest in their computer, how it works and how to upgrade. These forums are a great place to get free help and advise.

If whilst carrying out the upgrade PCWorld had done something such as blow the motherboard, do you really think they would just fit a new one and say sorry. I tend to think they would try to put the blame else where and charge for a new mobo'.

Vixenight, I'm glad you feel as though you got good service, I'm sure many paople do. I am just trying offer advise and hopefully save you money in future.

Regards, Tony.

  spuds 19:03 23 Dec 2005

I would check about the 3 months parts warranty. Some items that PCW in-store service fit would carry the manufacturers twelve month warranty.

  Vixenight 21:34 23 Dec 2005

Tamc98 The 3 months guarantee was in respect to the work not the Power Supply or Graphics card. I have fitted extra memory and a Floppy Disc drive myself but as Gandalf says I prefer to let an expert do this type of job because if there is a problem they are responsible Not all PC World employees are unrealible. I find this site very helpful as I am sure many others do but there are always doubters everywere. Vixenight

  oresome 22:45 23 Dec 2005

My experience of adding anything to a PC is that the time taken is twice what you anticipated if all goes well.

Hit a problem and time goes out of the window.

Tamc98 thinks this particular mod is a 10 minute job but the time PC World took seems more realistic to me and a fair price.

  Forum Editor 23:24 23 Dec 2005

Thanks for posting on a positive note. It's always good to see someone prepared to restore a sense of balance in the forum. We see many complaints, and we're not complaining - that's why we're here - but very few compliments.

All suppliers have problems from time to time, and the suppliers with the largest number of transactions is probably going to feature more than some others.

I agree with the others who have said that it's better to get a specialist to do certain jobs that involve opening your computer's case, especially if you aren't 100% confident where power supply units are concerned.

  DarthFletcher 01:43 24 Dec 2005

Thanx for the feedback about PCW Hull - They are a good team and do the PCW collective team well. It amazing that someone giving us praise for once instead of slating the company.

In respect to the guy that had to make a cynical reply - we would take full responsibility of the issue and if it was found that a member of the team had caused harm to the computer during the upgrade then a sultion would be made in the store doing the upgrade. But then again this can be said the same to you! you say it has we have no idea on what we are doing or why we have TRAINED technicians with A+ and other quals inside the tech centre in the first place!!!

If you not 100% confident on how to do the work then you would pay for someone that can. Like your car do you MOT it yourself? NO you have to pay for experts to do it for you, eg like replacing a part in your engine or exhaust, not something everyone can do - I know I cant but my brother can since he trained mechanic - and visa versa I am the trained technician in my house and he only knows the basics of internal working.

I think for once allow someone to actually praise a job that has made them happy, and it that exact thing all stores we have aim for the same achievment!

PCW Employee

  SG Atlantis® 15:05 24 Dec 2005

I have dished out a lot of abuse about PCWorld, but there are those exceptional employees that know what they are doing and have the required knowledge to do there job correctly.

I pondered over the purchase of my machine for weeks before hand, when I went in the sales guy was an idiot, didn't know what he was talking about, and waffled on when I asked hard questions he sent me to the customer desk, where the repair/upgrades section is and the guy knew everything I wanted to know and some!

Anyway I bought it, took out their service plan for an extended 3 year guarantee. Those upgrades that cost you thirty quid, I get free as part of the plan and the new upgrades become part of the system, meaning they are covered under the extended warranty.

I pay £10 per month and I can cancel it whenever I want. Now that's excellent value and yes I have a basic understanding of how to connect up the components in my system, (it was a unit of a course I took at college) but I don't have the time to do it.

I took my system back for upgrades a few weeks ago, they were completed within a few hours, dropped it off at 10ish and picked it up after lunch.

Now when I go back to the shop I look out for the guy that knew it all, and I get what I want in terms of advice and service.


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