PC World - Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L7310G L/top

  diemen 17:32 02 Jan 2006

Bought one of the above from local store at weekend. Read the description on display very carefully, stated 128mb shared graphics, 4 USB ports, battery life up to 3 hours.

Get home look on side of box this states up to 64mb of shared graphics. Look at acual machine only 3 USB ports.

Check website - specification for this l/top is different again i.e. 3 USB 1 firewire.

Now l/top does not have a firewire port. Battery fitted is the lower spec 1.5 hours life.

Have I some comeback here or not? Machine is not as specified either in store or on the web.

  ajm 19:13 02 Jan 2006

You are correct. It only has 3 usb ports,64MB shared graphics and no firewire. A little birdie says that PCW came to know of this error and were instructed bt Headquarters that the POS was incorrect. the stores were instructed to remove the original POS and make a new POS to state the correct configuration.

If the store you bought from has not changed the POS, best wait to see what the members of this forum advise. You can request a refund if you wish.

Have bought this model for 2 people and overall the build is very good and the screen superb.

  ade.h 20:43 02 Jan 2006

If your facts are accurate, this is a case of mis-description. It would be sensible to inform your local Trading Standards office to keep it advised of the issue, even if you don't wish to persue the matter.

  ade.h 20:45 02 Jan 2006

Regarding the website info, E&OE (errors and omissions excepted) may be applicable. Does not apply in store though, to my knowledge.

  pavvi 21:21 02 Jan 2006

But out of goodwill they should replce or refund.... Most retailers have e&oe on all their point of sale

  diemen 14:56 03 Jan 2006

Now all sorted. Took l/top back this am. Spoke to asst. manager and he couldn't have been more helpful. Told him all the differences even took along a printout of their website description.

To cut a long story short, they weren't able to supply larger battery, since this would appear to have been a special for the Dixons group. He did look through all similar spec machines but none were in stock and he couldn't give an idea on lead time.

Took the otpion of full refund. Shame really it was a very good screen etc. but there's plenty more out there.

Thanks to PC World for their curtious and very helpful staff.

  bryanw 16:54 08 Jan 2006


I got the computer with the 4 usb being scribbled out and 3 being put in its place.

However, I was amazed at the pathetic battery life - I was getting 2.5hrs with my Samsung.

I thought that was the expected life of the battery in the Amilo but I have been using mains and only found out how little the battery life was.

There is no information on the website now.

Can anyone confirm how long the battery was advertised to last?


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