PC World - DVD writer Bargain and..do I need Nero?

  kp 00:12 04 Nov 2004

Went shopping for a DVD writer/RW yesterday at PC World yesterday and I feel, picked up a bargain. In the upgarde components section (plain brown box with no chunky manuals etc.) found a Samsung 16x dual layer DVD +/- R & +/- RW for £59-91. That seems like a good buy to me. They had a good selection of comparable DVD writers in nice packaging with manuals for £75 or more but this one installed without a hitch and I am very happy with it. It comes with Pinnacle Writemaster software which seems to be more than adequate,. I nearly upgraded my Nero 5.5 software (no good for DVD writing) to the latest version but at around £60 a go, I thought I would try the Pinnacle software first. I have decided not to buy Nero for the time being even though I am a big fan. Has anybody else used the Pinnacle software and found any drawbacks compared to Nero? I would be glad to compare notes. (I know that there is a downloadable Nero upgrade for about $40 but do I need it?).


  ened 06:54 04 Nov 2004

I have discovered a flaw with the cheaper software. When you burn a film there is a lack of syncronisation with the sound. I use the software which came with the machine and there is a split second discrepancy. But others have reported here that it can be up to five seconds. I got hold of an OEM version of Nero which burnt to my DVDRAM which plays alright on the computer but the player won't recognise it. Probably a case of perservering.

  BT 09:35 04 Nov 2004

You could have got the same or similar for about £40+vat in a retail box from EBuyer. The burning options in Pinnacle Studio are not a patch on Nero 6.

  Stuartli 11:18 04 Nov 2004

SVP sells the Pinnacle software for £4.98, DVDXCopy at £6.98 and Nero OEM3 for £8.48 including VAT.

But don't forget that the December PC Advisor cover disk includes DVD X Maker and Videowve 5.0 OEM and has carried similar offerings in recent months; there are almost certainly equivalent programs on the download page and on similar download websites.

  Stuartli 11:24 04 Nov 2004

Just to upset you (not deliberately) SVP also offers the 16x NEC equivalent of your Samsung at around £12-£13 cheaper and the opportunity to buy the burning program at a lower price....:-((

  TomJerry 11:44 04 Nov 2004

The fully functional Nero can be downloaded from nero web site, it works for one month. When it ends, just download another newer version because Nero produce new version every month. This is very naughty, but solve your problem.

  Sparrowhawk 12:39 04 Nov 2004

click here

BURN-MEDIA .CO.UK has good prices too

  pj123 14:15 04 Nov 2004

The biggest problem I found with Pinnacle is the sound sync. I now use Sonic MyDVD and have no sync problems at all. As for Nero I had 5.5 but I downloaded 6.3 from the Ahead website and just entered my 5.5 number when asked and I now have 6.3

  Stuartli 15:47 04 Nov 2004

This doesn't work if you have an OEM edition of Nero supplied with a particular make of rewriter - there's no registration number to enter...:-)

  kp 20:38 04 Nov 2004

Many thanks to everybody for your responses. I thought this was a good buy from PC World but maybe I was wrong. I suppose that I paid a small premium to avoid the hassle of waiting in for delivery of the goods which is some compensation. I only tend to use the writer for back up of files which were spanning several CD's and Pinnacle is probably OK for now but I will certainly investigate the OEM Nero options. Thanks again.


  wee eddie 22:06 04 Nov 2004

There is a serious issue here.

Make sure the version you buy is compatible or you may have a large download to upgrade!

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