PC World, DVD Re-Writable?

  andym99 21:28 15 Jul 2004

In march this year I decided it was time to buy myself a laptop. In my local pc world I noticed that a lot of laptops now had re-writable dvd drives at very reasonable prices. on closer inspection many of these were dvd rom/cd-rw combo drives but there seemed to be a lot of discrepency in the wording (dvd rewritable, dvd recordable, dvd-rw). I asked staff for help but they seemed strangely unsure (or deliberately vague!). I decided to go home and do some more research. That weekend I saw a pc world ad in the national press, one item was a toshiba laptop, advertised as dvd-rw and in the description, said that you could record to dvd discs. I went back to pc world, found the SA40, checked with a staff member and was told, quite aggresively, that it would record to DVD, because "it says so"! I bought the laptop. Due to work commitments, I was working away from home for 3 months very soon afterwards (with a laptop temporarily provided) so had only used my toshiba for a week or so with no burning discs. on my return home, I bought myself a few DVD-R discs and looked forward to using my new "toy". the point of the story, as you've no doubt guessed a while back, is that my laptop does not record to DVDs, it appears to be a CD-RW/DVD ROM combo drive. I feel pc world are fully aware of the confusion and misinformation and I have been deliberately mis-sold to! Any body else had a similar experience or know where I can get a copy of the original press ad?

  Q-Bie 23:28 15 Jul 2004

What particular model of laptop do you have? SA40(or Satallite A-40) is a range and there are a number of different models in that series, from looking at Toshiba's website it seems that most of the A-40's are combis.

A little more info and I should be able to get to the bottom of this.


  Q-Bie 23:31 15 Jul 2004

Just in addition.. if it says DVDR/RW, DVD Recordable or DVD Rewritable then it is a DVD Writer. If it just says DVD/CDRW or similar than it's just a combi drive.

  andym99 00:22 16 Jul 2004

...for your interest Q-Bie,

the model number is SA40-702, though the legend on the machine says Satellite, it cost £799 inc VAT which should give a good idea of which model it is. the legend on the disc drive says (unusually) ROM/R/RW under the DVD standard emblem.

If I attempt to burn data onto a DVD-R I am informed the D Drive is empty and to insert a blank CD, there is also a notable absence of any DVD writing software.

I am sure it's not a DVD burner but I believe the advertising and store display at the time definitely gave this impression (along with the pc world staff member). I may not be an IT professional but I am certainly no novice and I thought I was buying a DVD burner.

  Daz35 01:52 16 Jul 2004

Take it back.

It sounds to me like you were 'mis-sold the product and as it isn't 'fit for the purposes' that you bought it for, they will refund your money

  TomJerry 09:35 16 Jul 2004

Check Product Specification. It would be difficult to take back unless you get something in writting (specification). Maybe you can get an ad and demonstrate it actually misleading.

By the way: Never believe any IT advice given by shop assistants, they are there to take your money and sell you product. They are not there to give IT advice.

  davidg_richmond 09:44 16 Jul 2004

That model does have a DVD-RW (see if this works click here)

Are you using the correct discs? You need - discs not + ones.

  davidg_richmond 09:58 16 Jul 2004

Absolutely everywhere I have seen advertising the A40-702 includes a DVD-RW, and working for Dixons I am 90% sure this was one of the two DVD-RW models we brought out at £799 back then (the other was the p10-722).

First, check that the right discs are being used. Then check your product label underneath the laptop, and make sure you havent received another laptop by mistake. Otherwise, what DVD writing software are you using?

  TomJerry 10:01 16 Jul 2004

The symptom you describe seems that you are trying to use XP's burning function.

XP's burning function only support CD writing, not DVD, so you need to use a burning program. It should come with your Laptop

  FATSCAFF 10:05 16 Jul 2004

I had the same issue with Dell, i even questioned the sales person when i brought it and when i tried to record found it wasnt recordable.
Pc Advisor took up the story and spoke to dell on my behalf, they simply sent out the correct drive and invoiced me the differance. I was more than happy.Ity was featured in a copy of the magazine.
Try the forum editor to see if they can help.

  Newuser2110 17:13 16 Jul 2004

I have just bought a Toshiba A30 that has a DVD writer. On my desktop was a link to instal the Toshiba DVD tools disc that came with the pc (I had several discs including a recovery disc).This installed the DVD software but when I opened it i became a little confused as it appears that DVD discs may have to be formatted first. I ran out of time and put the laptop away (Ive only had it a week)but as i have no blanks yet I cant test anything out.Hope this help

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