PC World do it again!!

  Bluescreen 08:24 20 Jan 2003
  Bluescreen 08:24 20 Jan 2003

I work in retail so understand the problems we can encounter every day with customers.But I find PC World take the biscuit. If Asda are the biggest food retailer in the world(well..their owner is)you would expect them to be the most keenest priced around..and they are. Why then, when PC World are the biggest corperate retailer of computers,equipment,software,and hardware are they the most expensive!! This is my latest poor dealing with them. I wanted a Microsoft Sidewinder 1 for my boys pc. I went into P.C World in Newport Gwent and bought one for £29.99. Went home and then compared prices on the net. Argos=£16.99 Watford=£14.99+£3notes p&p,Corner shop in town =£18.99!. Well...this hit a nerve with me so went back to question price. Assistant just tried to fob me off saying that I had bought a Sidewinder 2(There is a big difference) and said they do not match e'tailers. But would match Argos and offered me a refund of £5.00 as Argos were selling sidewinder 2's at £25.99. I argued that he was wrong..he dissapeared for a while and came back and offered me a full refund with an attitude like"Go away and shop elsewhere". I did!
This is not the first time I have been dissapointed by the price of PC. World. It must be consumer appathy that keeps them in business.

  €dstow 09:16 20 Jan 2003

I'm not the least surprised by the PCW prices but I am also curious as to why you didn't do the price comparisons before you went shopping. By doing that you could have saved all that embarrassment and problems.


  Sir Radfordin™ 09:28 20 Jan 2003

Needed to buy a printer for someone this weekend, and couldn't do it online as it needed to be installed ASAP.

Rang up PCW Order line and checked they sold the one I wanted (Samsung ML4500) which they found and told me was going to be £74.99. Asked if they could tell me if it was in stock at Cribbs Casuseway - no but ring another number and they will. So I ring the other number, takes about 10 mins to explain to the guy what I want. Confirms CC has 9 in stock.

Get to CC and go into PCW. Find said printer and look at price, hmmm £99.99, not what I was told on the phone. Go and find someone to speak to "oh there should be someone around there to help" (which there wasn't) so managed to drag him out to check for me. He kindly did so and the price came up as £74.99, much to his surprise.

Asked if they would match Dabs, they wouldn't but never mind. Bought printer and installed it without problems. But why didn't PCW show the right price in the first place??

Another surprising thing was I paid at the rear of the store and walked out carrying the printer, not in a bag or with SOLD tape on it or anything right out of the store without being challenged at all. Makes you wonder if it was worth paying for.

  spikeychris 10:04 20 Jan 2003

The guy who sold it you Sir Rad, he did work for PCW didn't he???? ;o)

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:15 20 Jan 2003


Think he was paid by 'em, wouldn't say he worked though!

  BRYNIT 10:25 20 Jan 2003

I would say it was due to the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

  oresome 11:10 20 Jan 2003

You find price discrepancies at many stores. It's easy for someone to change the price on the central database, but to go round all the tickets in a few hundred stores is a different matter. I've naturally never paid more than the ticket price, but may may well have dismissed items and shopped elswhere when the actual selling price would have been competetive if the bar code had been scanned.
Comet are a prime example. They alledgedley check competitors prices daily and adjust their own to be cheapest, but I've found they don't always change the ticket prices as frequently.
My daughter who works there says she doesn't have time to change ticket prices because of the time spent on the till making manual adjustments after customers query the price charged following a purchase!!

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:45 20 Jan 2003

Its a valid point you make but my reason for bringing it up was more that this is a printer that seems to be being sold by everyone with the price dropping faster than my bank balance! You would've thought PCW would want to make the most of the good price, we aren't talking about a few pence but nearly a 1/3 of the total price!

  hgrock 11:48 20 Jan 2003

nearly everyone knows of PCW and their little tricks, some one purchased a brand new PC and fornd data on the HD that belonged to soneone else, I have taken some blank CDs to checkout only to be charged £5 more per box and was told someone did not alter the price tab, thewy have always been like that, i only go there in an emergancy when everywhere else is shut like Sunday afternoon

  Bluescreen 12:10 20 Jan 2003

Very true. I went to buy it at 7pm after work and did not have time to e shop. For those who have been overcharged, it would make sense to speak to the manager and ask for some credit or at least some money off. Remember that the offence of overcharging has only been commited once you have passed the till. If you point it out at the checkout, they have then been given an oportunity to correct. The same law applies if you see a number drop off the windscreen of a car for sale leaving only£799 instead of £7999. You have no right to buy the car for £799!(offer to sale).
If you know that you have been overcharged, go back in to the store and speak to the manager. If he does not help, report them to Trading Standards. They will prosecute and fine up to £2000 per item on sale illegally.

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