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  wint 13:25 02 Jan 2004

I ordered an item on 20th December from PC World because they had "plenty of them in stock". The telephone sales operator told me that it would be delivered within 5 to 7 working days. I cancelled the same item from another retailer because PC World told me that they could deliver earlier.
I have just phoned PC World who tell me that the item is still at their warehouse and should be collected tonight or tomorrow and might be delivered on Tuesday. They say there are lots of customers in the same position (supposed to make me feel better about it as I am not on my own I imagine!)
I asked about my collecting the item from my local PC World store (I ordered on the telephone because it was £50 cheaper) but they would only have agreed to that had I ordered prior to the 16th December.

Not impressed, my first and probably last large item purchased from PC World!

  wee eddie 13:59 02 Jan 2004

I don't wish to "dis" you, but aren't you going slightly over the top.

In the run up to the Harvest, stuff was shifting off the shelves so fast that every company has potential problems keeping up.

I would guess that they are within 20% (1 day) of the 7 working day quote.

  rickf 14:05 02 Jan 2004

Not the case if you bought from Dabs which had a Christmas delivery guarantee if you ordered by a certain date. If not fulfilled then comepensation in the form of a bottle of champange. If this was a term of the purchase,ie contract of sale, then it is not good enough. They should offer some kind of compensation.

  wint 14:14 02 Jan 2004

wee eddie, fair point but it was suggested that it would be dispatched the same day and should have been within 5 days but a maximum of 7 days. Now (repeating my self I know) they say at least 10 (working) days.

  Forum Editor 16:32 02 Jan 2004

If a supplier say that there "plenty in stock" at the point the order is placed, and you are given a delivery promise of 5-7 working days then that is what should happen.

The fact that Christmas has intervened, or that business was brisk, has got nothing to do with it - the company were well aware of those facts when they made the delivery promise. A suspicious person might take the view that PC World knew they couldn't meet such a promise, but took the order anyway, on the basis that there wouldn't be much you could do about it later. That's what a suspicious person might think, and such a person would be well within his/her rights to cancel the order on the basis that he/she had relied on the delivery promise when entering the contract.

  wee eddie 17:31 02 Jan 2004

Dec 22,23,24 - 29,30,31, and Jan 2

At the best, that makes Monday the 8th working day and Tuesday the 9th.

We are talking England here aren't we.

  Forum Editor 18:00 02 Jan 2004

"talking England here" but with respect that attitude is half the problem. There's no reason at all why a delivery promise shouldn't be just that - a promise. If it can't be kept it shouldn't be made in the first place, and too many companies are failing to understand that simple fact.

As long as we go on accepting a second-rate service that's exactly what we'll receive. We're starting out on a new year, and I think we should make it the PCA year of zero-tolerance when it comes to broken delivery promises. The fact that there may be some parts of the delivery process that depend on third party companies (couriers etc.) shouldn't be something that primary providers (retailers) can hide behind - it's up to them to get behind their courier companies and make them perform.

  wee eddie 18:07 02 Jan 2004

I would have excluded Jan 2 as well.

But I also run a café so we could run 7/7 but chose to take Sundaysn off so operate 6/7. most of the rest of you work 5/7, I believe.

  Ranger 19:17 02 Jan 2004

I'm not a lover of PC world,as I think they charge to much for to many items, but I must admit that anytime I have ordered from them their delivery has been very quick and within 3 days, even though they said it would probably be 5 - 7 days

  Rayuk 19:31 02 Jan 2004

I have a workmate who ordered a pc[in stock]2 weeks before Xmas 5-7 working days.

On the 10th day he enquired re delivery and was told PC wasnt even in the country and would be delivered 1st week in Jan.No e-mail of any sort telling him of this.

Also then took 2 phone calls to cancel order.

1 lost sale, luckily he was able to get pc from local builder in time sos not to disappoint.

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 21:25 02 Jan 2004

Without being flippant, not all the UK is treated the same as regards delivery times and this can contribute to misunderstanding.

For example some companies quote great delivery times but "excluding the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the Channel Islands". Others charge premiums for and delay delivery north of Glasgow and Edinburgh. I have even been told previously that living off a dual-carriageway 6 miles from Aberdeen (i.e. Scotland's 3rd city) is too remote for delivery.

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