PC World customer relations

  HondaMan 13:09 26 Aug 2005

With all the bad comments about DSG and PC World, it is refreshing to be able to say something praising them.

Briefly a friend of mine bought a wireless router from PCW, not realising that she needed a modem/router. When I took the item back to PCW for exchange, I had an extremely helpful assistant who appreciated the error and how easy it was to make it and immediately facilitated the exchange and purchase of the correct item a BT 2100 as opposed to a BT 1500.

Well done PCW

  Diodorus Siculus 14:08 26 Aug 2005

No doubt you and your friend were polite to the staff at PCW - I've used them on and off for years and have never had a problem with replacements / refunds.

All it takes is a little adult behaviour and common courtesy and all will be fine. On occasion a member of staff may be unsure what to do, and even refuse to do it, but a word with a supervisor or even a return visit sorts it out.

I can see that staff are pressed for time evenings / weekends so I try to visit when it is quiet.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:40 26 Aug 2005

I have never had a problem with PCW but I am always polite and never bolshy. I tend to notice that loud-mouthed knuckle draggers tend to get the middle digit from the staff and rightly so.


  Forum Editor 19:20 26 Aug 2005

I bought a printer from PC World. I received excellent advice from an Epson representative who was in the store, and prompt, efficient, and courteous service from the person who rushed off to get me some extra ink cartridges while I waited. My polite refusal to buy an extended warranty was accepted with equal politeness at the checkout, and the whole experience was exactly what it should have been - faultless.

I know some people have different stories to tell, and I'm sure that like any other giant retailer, PC World sometimes employs lazy, rude people, but that's life. Like GANDALF <|:-)>, I've noticed that retail staff don't react well to being treated as if they're some lower form of life, and I've seen that happening on more than one occasion.

  harps1h 19:38 26 Aug 2005

i also work in retail and the last comment was absolutely true! i am the manager of a high end mens retail store but i can assure you it is not only the knuckle draggers who treat you like are something they stood in. half time if they spoke to you like that in the street you would flatten them

  FUl2tiV3 16:51 27 Aug 2005

PC World have always been of great assistance to me. The staff have provided me with great technical help, despite my computer being purchased elsewhere.

Most importantly, the option to get cheap online prices, and collect the goods instore, makes them generally as competetive as e-buyer, with the addition of excellent personal service! They have handled returns/exchanges faultlessly. I am a very satisfied customer.

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