PC World-Currys Good Service?

  v1asco 22:04 23 May 2003

Few years back went to PCW to purchase Epson Scanner. Somebody warned me that some scanners were not compatible with some hardware.

Asked nice young polite gent at PCW if it was compatible with desktop I had bought from same shop 5 mths previous. No I was told, after he consulted others. Asked if he had any scanners that were compatible and no was the answer.Thought this strange as set was relatively modern.

So I went next door to Currys asked same question and got a yes. So can I have one please? Certainly Sir. Off trotted the young assistant and when he came back he was about 20 yrs older (after 20 mins away) and said they have none in stock but go next door to PCW.(the original asistant had disapeared)

So I bought a Dyson instead. The assistant had a good chat with us whilst he was very ably demonstrating the cleaners, apologising for the inexperience of some of his associates. I was not at all angry or putting down anybody, by the way. He then offered a 20% price reduction for the cleaner as he did not wish us to feel we had wasted our time.

The scanner I got from Software Warehouse, a store I miss. It is still going strong although I wish I could say I used it as much as the Dyson.

As always, a bit of politeness paid dividends but I still can't get the right lead to connect the Dyson to the PC. Any suggestions??

  obbit 11:37 25 May 2003

don't ever go to pc world,dixons,currys or the link for anything.

  wee eddie 20:30 25 May 2003

obbit's response is out of order.

Of course they have their disasters, doesn't everyone?

However if you do a quick on-line check before you go in, to avoid grossly over paying. You can purchase a similar item for about the same price, without having to take the day off work while waiting for delivery.

  davidg_richmond 22:38 25 May 2003

Obbit - you seem to have the same response every time PC World is mentioned (which may be construed as against T&Cs of the site). Have you described your experiences before? What made you have a bad opinion of DSG?

  Tiana 23:41 25 May 2003

I have had very good service from the DSG group. Bought a Compaq computer from Dixons with cover nearly 4 years ago. Claimed for accidental damage and will be getting vouchers to buy a new one.

  Djohn 23:47 25 May 2003

Know my opinion of PC World! Nothing but first class service on several visits. J.

  obbit 18:21 26 May 2003

i went to dixons for an audio lead. they only had one gold plated £14 i went to maplins got one for £2.99. if you buy a pc from DSG (saves typing) you will get extras that are not required, plus a charge called extended warranty. if i don't pay for this charge and anything goes wrong DSG don't want to know at all. a friend of mine paid £800 for a packard bell. not sure exactly what went wrong, but the only disk she had supplied didn't work. she didn't pay the extended warranty. DSG couldn't put the phone down quick enough.

if i paid for the extended warranty and used the pc happily for 5-10 years, would i get my money back if nothing went wrong? doubt it very much. on the radio 2 weeks ago they were taking about this extended warranty. small portable radio i think cost around £35. extended warranty £35 WHAT!!! £70 for a radio? who are they fooling. just buy another radio. goodbye Dixons.

if i go to a small pc shop i can discuss with the owner exactly what i need and if anything goes wrong and can't fix it myself for a small charge he fixes it.

sorry if i seem to go on too much, i shall say no more about DSG group. i just think they could be a bit more customer friendly.

  Stuartli 19:41 26 May 2003

Better read this and the associated links at the foot of the page...:-)

click here

By the way the Dyson wasn't a good buy either - too flimsy, too unreliable and not a patch on the German Sebo with its awesome build quality. The Mercedes or Miele of the vacuum cleaner world.

What's more it's cheaper...:-)

  davidg_richmond 20:39 26 May 2003

Obbit - the lead you mentioned in your post click here was been available at £5.99 gold-plated. The lead must have been priced wrongly (or put back on the wrong place on the shelf which happens regularly in any shop).

What do you mean by extras that are not required? If you mean printers and scanners, etc these can be dropped from any package that is advertised along with a reduction in price.

If a customer has a problem within the first year and does not have a Coverplan, this does not affect the service level (provided that it is not accidental damage or theft related). The support staff at PC Servicecall are not even aware if you have one or not if you only give the receipt number as opposed to the Coverplan Reference Number.

If you have a five year Coverplan and do not use it, you will automatically be sent a voucher through the post that gives you 20% off another product with a five-year Coverplan (i.e. 20% off the product, and 20% off the Coverplan). If you have had any call-outs, you still get 10%.

Radios that cost £21-50 have £12 instant replacement Coverplans. Between £51 and £100 they are £24 (still instant replacement). There has never been a £35 Coverplan for a £35 radio, unless that is the radio was originally over £100 and the Coverplan price was for some reason not reduced. Still, there is no £35 Coverplan for any product as far as I am aware.

I am sorry that you have a bad impression, but the reasons you quote do not add up.

  tenplus1 22:39 26 May 2003

I bought a HP printer cartridge from Currys and after finishing my old one and installing the new, it turned out nothing worked, the cart was knackered... I took the cartridge back the next day and asked for a replacement only to be told I was past my 15 day return period and they couldnt do anything, even though it was a case of faulty goods...

So giving up on that I bought a new one (since I needed one) and took it home only to find the wrong cartridge was in the box (someone has opened it) and after speaking to the nice lady at the service counter the store manager came storming out saying I was trying to bullshit them into getting a free cartridge even though I bought it earlier that day, had the receipt and everything...

So much for the customer always being right... The manager actually verbally abused me in front of the whole store and only after getting the police involved I managed to get my lowly £16.99 refund for something they made the mistake on...

Never shop at Currys, PC World, Dixons... It's just too much hassle...

  NICK ADSL UK 23:40 26 May 2003

i think obbit was spot on pcw group is the worst company to purchase anything from.when i purchased my computer from them which at the time was top of the range when it went wrong the manufacture denied all knowledge of having made it .half the drivers were unsigned it was a right mess.the motherboard company msi said my board was not one of theirs.they said all pc world computers were customized and the only people who could understand them were pc service call letters to the directors all unanswered.i have learnt from my mistake i just hope others do not suffer the same consequences that i had.this was 18 months ago they think they are off the hook but i can assure them there not

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