pc world computer not as discribed

  paddy75 00:25 21 Jan 2012

Hi all bought a base unit from pc world for £1179 and when i got it home it had W7 professional 32bit installed instead of W7 Home Priemium 64 bit,took it back (60 mile round trip)and they told me that pc world dont sell any desktop pcs with W7pro and that it most have slipped through the inspection at the factory,they changed it for another one and he connected it up in the shop to make sure it was the correct opperating system,when i got back home the 3tb hdd was now 2tb and the blu ray drive was now a dvd drive,considering the cost and the distance travelled i am extremly annoyed,my question is am intitled to a full refund.Thanks Paddy

  rdave13 01:34 21 Jan 2012


  spuds 11:57 21 Jan 2012

Yes, but it may mean that you will need to visit the store you obtained the computer from, then argue about a refund/replacement or/and compensation!.

I would suggest that you contact PCW/Dixon customer services first, and see what they have to say. If there are any problems, then return back here for further advice or contact Consumer Direct http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk

  paddy75 13:52 21 Jan 2012

Thanks for your replys,i took it back this morning and asked for a refund,the manager took over a third pc and said this is the correct one this time and offered a discount for my trouble which i refused,i asked for a full refund which they agreed,to be fair all concerned were very plesent and helpfull,i will now buy online.Paddy

  rdave13 14:39 21 Jan 2012

Good result, though, I would have been tempted with the offer.

  HondaMan 15:15 23 Jan 2012

Problem is, rdave13, at that point I would have lost all confidence in PC World.

My reaction would have been as Paddy75, cut and run (as far and as fast as I could)

  Terry Brown 15:00 24 Jan 2012

You have just pointed out the one major drawback in buying Online.

The machine was not as you expected and so you took it back and dealt with a person 'Face to Face'.

If you bought this online, you would not have this option and would have to deal by Telephone or Email, and then have the hassle of packing the computer up, returning it and waiting for a replacement, which may (or may not) be what you originally ordered.


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