jbrtr 16:25 22 Oct 2004

I ordered a h/d from the PC World Components website on 5/10/04. I was notified it was despatched on 7/10/04 on next day delivery and my c/card debited. It did not arrive.
I emailed their customer services on 11th and again the 12th notifying its non arrival. A later order was delivered on 12th. On the 13th I requested a full refund. (I received no replies to these e-mails) I have chased them again with e-mails yesterday and today (no replies to these either).
PC World Customer services say there is no telephone number for PC World Components and they can ONLY be contacted by e-mail and if they are nor replied to, keep sending until they are.
This is ridiculous - has anyone else had problems with PC WORLD COMPONENTS and does anyone have a telephone number for PC WORLS COMPONENTS (not PC World itself)

  johnnyrocker 17:19 22 Oct 2004

get your credit card company on the case you will soon get one or the other


  Rayuk 17:23 22 Oct 2004

Do they not give out tracking numbers or the name of the courier?

  jbrtr 19:16 22 Oct 2004

Their tracker link threw up an error message and they don't tell you the courier.

  spuds 11:57 23 Oct 2004

Phone PC World customer services at Sheffield, they should have all the necessary advice and contacts information.

  jbrtr 16:30 23 Oct 2004

This is part of the problem. PC World Customer Services say they themselves have no way of contacting PC World Components other than by e-mail. Their list tells them that Components can only be contacted by e-mail.
Frankly, I do not believe this. They are the same company, and as such must have telephone communication between them - they just will not give the number to customers

  Dorsai 12:06 24 Oct 2004

You say you paid by Credit card, so it might be worth getting in touch with your card company. They might be able to get you your money back.

for legal rights click here

I guess they must have a phone, but if the number is not made available to PC World Customer Services, they cant give it out.

  Dorsai 04:33 25 Oct 2004

Just had a look at the pc world components site. The email address for them is "Components customer [email protected] dixons. co. uk"

A guick google, and dixons customer servive phone number is 08701 545570. click here

dont know if this will help though.

I used to think PC World was the only place to buy computor components or accessories, indeed if you can look at the item in store and walk away with it right then, it is still a good transaction.
But if you are going to buy online, why not check out Dabs.com. I ordered a Maxtor Ext. Hard Disk on the Monday, received next day Tuesday, and quite cheaper than PC World

  jbrtr 11:55 01 Nov 2004

Thank you everyone for your responses. I contacted my card company last Monday. Within an hour PC World components e-mailed me stating they would see if the carriers had returned it to their stores. Two days later they e-mailed they would be fully refunding and I have now received it in my card account.

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