PC World complaint - Contact Manging directors?

  Eric Kerrigan 18:40 18 Mar 2010

Hi guys,

Sorry for the length of this but currently I'm having some major problems with PC World and the after warranty service agreement provided by The Tech Guys. I've been paying £10 a month for nearly 3 years now and the one time I require their assistance, they've let me down badly.

My PSU exploded around 2 and a half weeks ago on Sunday the 28th February. A simple problem that requires a replacement PSU and possibly a replacement motherboard. I contacted them on that night and they arrange an engineer to come on Wednesday. He came on Wednesday but he brought the wrong parts. Upon contacting his depot he found out they did not have the parts in "stock" and so they had to Uplift the Pc away the next day.

The problem with my PC is that it is larger than the average as it is built for gaming. On Thursday the uplifter came only for the "box" to be too small and hence no uplift possible. Annoyed I phoned again and they arranged another delivery on Friday and explained to them the problem only for them to send the same size box on Friday. By this time I was extremely angry as I had to take 3 days off to liase with the engineer and couriers, not to mention the time I had gone out without a PC and being a student with countless coursework deadlines approaching, was very annoying.

I was unable to arrange another uplift till Monday due to the "courier service being closed" over the weekend. Contacting them on Monday again, I found out that the courier service did not have a box large enough to transport the PC and so I had to deliver it to the local PC World store where they could package it and send it off. I arranged a send of date of Wednesday so I took time off to make sure it was given to the local store on Tuesday where I explictly explained to them the fact that it was being picked up the next day and needed packaging.

Assuming that the Store had managed to deliver to the depot/fixing centre and it was being repaired at the moment I phoned the call centre yesterday (Wed 17th March) to check the status of the repair only to find out that for some unknown reason the store had not sent it to the depot on that wednesday and instead had left it gathtering dust for the whole week, and had only contacted the depot to schedule for another repair on Friday.

This is where I finally lost it. For the past two and a half weeks I've had to endure long nights at University trying to work on my own in the dark due to the lack of a PC, not to mention the hassle of being able to do ordinary things like check emails. I usually don't get angry but I was shouting at the guy in the call centre. Like the drone he was, he peddled the usual lines about it not being "their fault" and it being teh stores fault, even though I pointed out to him that they essentially were the same company.

I am really angry at the moment. This has been the worse experienve I have encounterd with any company. I will definately be writing a letter of complaint and asking for some sort of compensation but I want to make sure it reaches it somewhere high rather than being binned by the "complaints department".

Does any have any contact details, either phone numbers, email address or work addresses of managing directors, Head of services etc etc where my complaint would actually be heard and a resolution be found?

  ronalddonald 19:58 22 Mar 2010

written a long winded note to the forum and i think you should just should of asked as written at the bottom and kept everything brief as possible and to the point.

Does any have any contact details of?, either phone numbers, email address or work addresses of managing directors, Head of services etc etc where my complaint would actually be heard and a resolution be found?

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