PC World complaint

  linguina 02:24 13 Feb 2003

When a friend of mine (first user) asked me to tune up his new pc bought just before Christmas from PC World I was eager to help him.
Just before starting to put my dirty hands in to his machine I asked him if he had done a backup of his files. To my surprise (not) he didn't even know what a backup was. Of course, the backup utility wasn't even installed (he's on winxp home)! How could he know about it!
So, I asked him the winxp installation cd so I could put it on. He gave me the cd that was given with the machine, the restore pack. I tried it and (obviously) it restored the original config. which doesn't have the backup utility for some reasons. He wasn't given the original xp cd.
I decided to call PC World (my friend doesn't speak english very well). After explaining the situation I demanded the cd.

I would like to let you know that 5 years ago I bought my first pc from tinyworld. After formatting my hdd for the first time I realized that all the microsoft work suit 2000 were gone (no back up;)). I phoned the customer service and a week after I received the original software. I call it a kick-ass service if you consider the price of it!

Anyway, the customer service answered that their machines come out with the OS on it and the restor pack, which should provide enough for the files backup (???).
He also proposed me to buy it if I wanted. Why should I buy something that already should be with the package? Should I also buy a backup software since the restore pack doesn't allow to have the backup utility?
Not fair.


  Djohn 02:36 13 Feb 2003

linguina, sorry, but I can't see any logical reason for your complaint.

What was PC Worlds response when you "Demanded" a CD?

And what relationship does your last two paragraphs have to do with PCW. Regards. J.

  linguina 02:49 13 Feb 2003

well, when you buy a pc you expect also the os cd.
don't you? If I want to uninstall it and put it back how can I do without the cd.

  Djohn 03:07 13 Feb 2003

Did you not say, that PCW. supplied you with a recovery disk?

  bigdamouk 03:47 13 Feb 2003

most pc suppliers nowadays only give out restore cds....these do in fact contain the full O/S but they're just coded to THAT machine therefore preventing piracy by installing it on several other pc's for free.

There aren't many suppliers left that do supply the original disc. (certainly not the big ones anyway)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:17 13 Feb 2003

Most PC suppliers only supply a restore CD and if you need to blame anyone then you need to cast your eye upon all the people who have been copying progammes illegally and flogging them for daft prices. A person who I was working with last week had a fully working copy of Photoshop7 which he had paid £10 for. I paid considerably more for this and if you want my opinion then a restore CD is more than enough. I think you may find that there was some rightful pressure from Microsoft to encourage people to supply a restore CD only.

'I tried it and (obviously) it restored the original config'...I don't see the problem, if I read correctly, the system is now OK. When you buy a car they don't supply a spare engine.


  Andÿ 12:20 13 Feb 2003

Don't blame PC World blame MS as they control how their (OEM) preinstalled OS is distributed. MS won't let them supply a full version CD and if they did they would be paying twice, once for the preinstalled 'licence' and disk and once for the full XP CD.

As GANDALF <|:-)> says it's supposed to be an anti piracy measure so aim your sites at MS or the software pirates :o)

  linguina 14:24 13 Feb 2003

maybe my query wasn't clear enough.
The restore pack provided by PCW doesn't install the 'MICROSOFT BACKUP UTILITY' which should be available to anyone who has a microsoft OS product, that is why I was asking my friend the original xp cd... to install the utility, backup his files and start working on the machine.

The customer service said that the restore pack is good for the backup purpose. How can it be good when it restore the original config.... what about my/his config.?

  Sir Radfordin™ 14:29 13 Feb 2003

The Microsoft Backup Utility is not part of XP Home (its not really part of XP at all but comes from NT.)

It does not have to be made available to anyone at all. It is not part of the product, your friend didn't buy a PC expecting it to be there and so there is nothing wrong with what has happened.

The restore pack is for restoring the PC to factory condition. That is also PCW or any supplier would want to do. If you want to back up your system you are entitled to do so.

By all accounts the Backup Utility isn't that great anyway so not really worth the fuss.

  linguina 14:51 13 Feb 2003

'The Microsoft Backup Utility is not part of XP Home'.If I buy the original xp cd the utility would be there.

'It is not part of the product' Why isn't it part of the product?

'your friend didn't buy a PC expecting it to be there'. When I bought my pc for the first time and realized what a backup was I installed it from the original win98 cd given with the package something my friend can't do because he doesn't have the cd.

'The restore pack is for restoring the PC to factory condition' (which doesn't include the utility). Don't you have your config./your files to backup?

'If you want to back up your system you are entitled to do so.' How? Am I supposed to buy a software for the backup? Not fair.

'By all accounts the Backup Utility isn't that great anyway so not really worth the fuss' Well, it is good enough for me/him and I would like it on my system.

Last. When I bought my xp pro I had the freedom to choose whether I wanted the utility installed or not.

  jazzypop 14:52 13 Feb 2003

Further to Sir Rad's comments. The MS Backup utility is not installed automatically even if you buy the full retail version of XP Home (although it is present on the disk, it needs to be explicitly installed after setup has completed).

It is automatically installed with XP Professional.

If you browse the restore CD with Windows Explorer, you may well find it on the CD - see click here

30 seconds research on Google may have saved you a lot of time and trouble.

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