PC World Complaint

  marieb 11:02 06 Nov 2009

I am hoping someone can help me i am looking for e mail addresses for anyone at pc world or dsgi who deals with complaints as i have been letter writing for 3 months and no one ever replies so i am hoping to bulk send to everyone at this company who deals with complaints
The names i have been writing to are Gary Perryment who is dealing with my claim Jon Naylor and Keith Jones but no replies so anyone got an email address for me please for any of these people
Thanks Marie

  interzone55 13:50 06 Nov 2009

Don't email, instead send your complaint by recorded (signed for) delivery to the Chief Exec of DSGi

DSG international plc
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP2 7TG

  retep888 14:15 06 Nov 2009

[email protected]
Tel:0844 5610000

  ajm 14:23 06 Nov 2009

John Clare is no longer CEO, its John Browett.

Marieb - drop me a line using the yellow box

  interzone55 17:27 06 Nov 2009

Interesting, as John Clare's name came as the first hit on Google...

  ajm 19:10 06 Nov 2009

John Clare left DSGI Plc over two years ago. Current management: click here

  interzone55 21:01 06 Nov 2009

I'm not saying you were wrong, as you're in a much better position than I am to know the MD of DSGi, just that it's a little odd the current MD doesn't come out top on a Google search...

  Forum Editor 00:26 07 Nov 2009

you'll simply find your messages being deleted as spam.

Do as ajm suggests and contact him by using the yellow envelope next to his name.

  Darcro 20:27 11 Nov 2009

I purchased a pc from pc world 6 years ago and its been absolutely brilliant, ive never had a thing go wrong with it until yesterday. I took the tower into the store in Boston, Lincs to have extra memory installed by there tec guys. I switched it back on this morning to find out that my cd drives were missing, so i took it back to the tec guys this morning and they told me an internal wire had been loosened whilst loading the new memory in yesterday, they opened it up again today and told me they had corrected the problem so i took the tower back home and plugged it back in to find my screen was now not working. Once again i went back to pc world with tower and screen, the tec guys tested both and said my screen had blown due to a power surge which they was quite common ??? I ve since spoken with a local repairer about the matter and he seems think the tec guys should have owned up and admitted they damaged the inside of the tower yesterday, probably causing the surge today. I know my pc is 6 years old but im not a regular user and its always been caringly looked after, hence never having any problems with it (until yesterday). The tec guys very rudely offered me a £10 discount on a new £100 screen this afternoon. Can anyone tell me how i stand with this matter, please ????????

  interzone55 20:45 11 Nov 2009

It's always better to start a new thread rather than hijacking someone-else's thread.

Please click at the top of this post where it says "Start new subject" and re-post your question...

  Darcro 08:16 12 Nov 2009

please accept my apologies im a new user and not being rude.

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