PC World. The cheapest option

  wee eddie 17:56 10 Feb 2003

Sounds like a windup doesn't it.


If you factor your time off work, awaiting delivery, as opposed to the cost of a visit to the local PCW and return trip, with the equipment in the car boot.

Against a day off work.

PCW wins almost every time.

Sad really

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 10 Feb 2003

I have just bought the 15th computer in 14 months from 3 PCWs and have spent at least £4-5k on peripherals in the same period. It does not take rocket scientists to work out why.


  grove34 18:48 10 Feb 2003


have you ever wondered why the returns and refunds queue is always 20 times bigger than the one at the checkout.

also the noisiest part of pc world is the same returns desk , noise usually caused by people shouting at a 14 year old sales assistant who knows nothing about computers.

  crx16 18:59 10 Feb 2003

"its the most greif if something goes wrong".

id rather take the 15mile trip to PCworld and argue with a 14 year old,than pick up the phone and complain to a faceless mail order company.

  recap 19:05 10 Feb 2003

grove34 you said,
"have you ever wondered why the returns and refunds queue is always 20 times bigger than the one at the checkout?".

Maybe it could be that PCW have more customers than Joe Bloggs's computer shop around the corner.

We do put PCW down a lot on this site (that includes me), some of it is justified, but, they do stock some good kit and can be competitive. As GANDALF <|:-)> say "It does not take rocket scientists to work out why", could it be that you can walk away with what you want on the day of purchase? That would be one reason for shopping there.

  grove34 19:06 10 Feb 2003

i always use a small shop local to me and they can undercut pc world every time,they also attend my local computer fair and that makes it even cheaper , and if anything goes wrong the problem is solved easily with no "grief" at all , even if the guarantee runs out the same week.

  oresome 19:24 10 Feb 2003

PC World must be one of the biggest retail success stories since M&S. To be in that position you have got to be giving the majority of customers what they want.
If they were as dire as this forum might lead you to think, why hasn't someone else set up in competition on the same scale and knocked them for six?
You can't beat handing over the cash in return for the goods and having somewhere tangible to go back to should anything go wrong.

Instant gratification or weeks of agonising delays, the choice is yours.

  Stokey 19:33 10 Feb 2003

Could not agree more wee eddie. And for the record the Derby branch which I regularly use is very busy all the time -- I HAVE used the returns desk on occasion and have found the people there are as friendly and helpful as anywhere else in the rest of the store.

They DO employ a lot of youngsters and it is unreasonable to expect them to be highly knowledgeable about the whole range of products they stock.

As I am only six miles from the store I tend to drop in just to see what *todays* bargains are. I have picked up many good deals from there that would be hard to beat from anywhere. It's all down to timing and good luck of course. Even at the full prices though I don't think you get robbed at PCW.

  Coaster3 19:38 10 Feb 2003

But I don't have to take time off work, I'm retired.

  Stokey 19:51 10 Feb 2003

I don't know about GANDALF <|:-)> but I do take umbrage at being called an idiot!

  Ixora 20:13 10 Feb 2003

I don't think so. I the area that I live there are at least seven independant computer shops that sell the same goods cheaper than PC World. They also will build a system to the requirements that you want, something that you can't get at PC World. Also after reading the reports on PC World I would also think that the after service is better with the independants. Even one of there own salespersons advised me not to buy from them because as he put it "there after sales and returns is very difficult" Granted PC World may have a greater selection of games etc but cheaper 'NO'.

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