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  Littlesteps 17:40 18 Dec 2008

Grrr ... I need help.
I purchased a 3-yr PC Business Performance contract from PCWB. On the first occasion I have needed to use it I have been told that they won't send out an engineer unless I have tried phone help first. Fair enough. But phone help wants to do a full system restore and lose all my programs and data. I asked for an engineer first rather than this "nuclear" option, but was told they won't send out an engineer unless I have taken the phone help advice!
I risk losing 2 years of updates, all my files, all my programs and a 3-day reinstallation setback because they can't be bothered to send an engineer. What's worse is that the copy of windows is an OEM version so I can't boot from disc. It won't start in safe mode either. I spent over £200 to be told to do what a monkey could do - ie Nuke my PC and my business with system restore and I feel like I have been mis-sold a product that declares itself as a next-day on-site repair, when it is in fact an unskilled domestic service that recommends full system restore. I can't even get an email address to complain to. Can anyone help please

  chub_tor 19:17 18 Dec 2008

When you say "the copy of windows is an OEM version" is that what you mean? Because OEM versions of XP and Vista are full versions that can be used for booting up and repair. If you mean that you only have a Restore disc then I can understand what you mean.

  canarieslover 19:40 18 Dec 2008

It's possible that you have misunderstood the request. System Restore is a function that will enable you to take the computer back to a time prior to your problem starting. Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore and then follow the prompts. Obviously if the restore points don't go back to before the problem started then you will have to do a System Recovery which will entail using your recovery disks and will put the PC back to an 'as new' state and will lose any data and programs that you installed after buying the PC. Is the PC bootable? Can you save your data which is the most important part of your business? You have not stated the problem with your PC. We might be able to help solve it on this forum without resorting to re-install.

  Forum Editor 01:00 19 Dec 2008

and you've received responses there. It's called hijacking, and it creates confusion. Please keep all future posts on this problem in this thread.

  Littlesteps 11:49 19 Dec 2008

Sorry - I used the word "restore" and I meant "recovery". The PC won't boot up so we can't use system restore. It won't start in safe-mode or any other mode, it's sort of stuck in a loop as it tries to boot. I have always had a full licenced Windows disc with any computer but this one is Windows Media Centre 2005 and there was no disc supplied. PC World put system recovery on a partition on the hard drive, so when this is used, everything on your PC is lost (and stays cluttering up an inaccessible part of the hard disc). PC World say they don't have a disc either????
I am pretty sure this would boot with CD and perhaps repair in safe mode. The problem is that my all singing all dancing PC Performance plan is worthless because all they want to do is Nuke my hard-drive. I have checked the contract and I am pretty sure I can take them to Small Claims for misrepresentation or breach of contract, but where could I take my pc ( HP M7350 Media Ctr PC) to try to get it repired.

  curofone 12:32 19 Dec 2008

With most of the in built recovery partitions that comes with these machine you can actually drop down to a command prompt rather than running a recovery and do just about everything that you can with the recovery console that comes with a windows disc but you actually need to get through to someone on the phones that knows what they are doing and then they can run a few more checks on the machine but like you said if you have paid for the business cover where you meant to actually get an engineer to come out and do that then you fight for that.

  wee eddie 12:49 19 Dec 2008

Contact your local Freelance Techie.

(You may have to ring a couple of other local businesses to find a competent one)

He can then remove the Hard Drive and slave it in another PC, or connect it like an External Hard Drive, with a special cable, and back-up all your data.

You may, of course, be able to do this yourself. At a guess, a damage limitation exercises is the best course of action.

The Hard Drive can then be put back in the old PC and you can do whatever PCW suggest.

  Taff™ 08:55 20 Dec 2008

I agree with wee eddie. You need assistance from a local independent techie. It is only when disaster strikes that a business realises that they have no backup regime to deal with the loss of data and this can be very costly. Assuming you need that computer on a daily basis to run the business you`ve lost two days so far at what cost?

Get your data transferred immediately to an external hard drive that you can use in the future for back ups. Then do the factory restore as they suggest. Applying XP SP3 will leave you with about 40 updates to apply taking around an hour or so. Reloading software shouldn`t take much more time and then restoring the data.

You ask where you could take the PC to get it repaired. Your local independent - You`ll get a much better service! Where are you in the country? Someone might recommend one.

  ForestChav 12:40 20 Dec 2008

If your files were that important then you would have them backed up surely. Your data is your responsibility, PC World are liable for the hardware.

  Littlesteps 14:28 22 Dec 2008

Thank you for that. I did have my main data files backed up. I have followed Wee Eddies advice regards the PC, and am taking action against PC World business for misrepresentation and breach of contract. I am sure that a decent technician would have been able to use the command prompt and prevent the loss of time (8 days in total) and all of the program installations and downloads yet to do. People need to be aware that they only employ the skill level to be able to suggest System Restore, which with respect, my child, or a monkey could do.
Thank you for your advice.

  wee eddie 14:59 22 Dec 2008

I wouldn't waste your time, going to law, that is. They have performed to the letter of their Contract with you, the problem was that you expected, what they did not promise to deliver.

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