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  [DELETED] 18:44 08 Jan 2006

On Friday I was just browsing though PC World when I stumbled on a bargain, a Packard Bell Desktop, Screen, Keyboard & Mouse for £229.99 (Ex Display Model) for sale.

It took a while for a member of staff to show me it working and run though the specification, this is were you should never take things for granted, most PC’s have a modem? Some have a network card? Not this one!

Oh well I’ll be able to install the ones I have at home that’s not a problem, Oh yes it is says the sales person, if you open the PC and install them yourself you will invalidate the guarantee.
So how do I get them installed, you buy the cards and have them installed by us, now its not looking like such a good bargain, how many people have fallen for this practice?

By the time you pay for a modem, network card, plus fitting charge you’re not far off the original price.

  spuds 20:12 08 Jan 2006

Wasn't in the 'Bargain Corner', if so, always pays to check. Bargains can be had there, but sometimes at a price :o)

  [DELETED] 22:30 08 Jan 2006

it will not invalidate your warranty

If you fit a component and this does not cause any harm to the computer then this will not invalidate the warranty

Its scaremongering

  [DELETED] 23:09 08 Jan 2006

These cheap systems are ideal for people that do not want the extras and it gives them the possibility of buying and owning a computer when the higher price could be prohibitive

  Diodorus Siculus 23:23 08 Jan 2006


Not always the situation: often machines come with a security label on the case saying that if it is broken, the warranty is invalid. Opening the case breaks the label.

  [DELETED] 23:30 08 Jan 2006

emachines tend to be like that. not sure about packard bell. HP and compaq allow you to add components, but you must return the computer to original state for warranty work.

what mfr was it?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:36 08 Jan 2006

[quote]a Packard Bell[/quote]

  [DELETED] 23:41 08 Jan 2006

should have read the post properly.

That's what I get for being lazy $-/

  [DELETED] 23:54 08 Jan 2006

been wading through google results and I can say that it would invalidate a packard bell warranty if you open the case.

  spuds 17:22 09 Jan 2006

Warranties are a funny thing with PC World, and it always pays to ask. Due to the fact that PC World would be responsible under the Sales of Goods and Services Act for at least the first twelve months. I was once informed by their service people, that any additional devices fitted would be okay, but it would not come under the original pc warranty.If the additional device proved defective, then that would come under the devices own warranty.

  [DELETED] 12:08 10 Jan 2006


That’s why I do a lot of Browsing at PC World and not a lot of buying ;-)

But someone could have been well caught out with that so-called bargain.

Which flags up another question, what happen 6 months down the line when you decide to upgrade the memory or install a DVD-RW drive on a brand new PC?

If you install it yourself does it invalidate the guarantee?

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