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  [DELETED] 01:01 30 Jul 2003

Have a friend who has just bought a PC from them, originally was going to look at time, moved them off that, at least PC W has local repair facility should it be needed.

My grumbles started when she told me of the
1) buy the warranty etc
2) anti virus £50 +surge protection lead
3) Components in this machine e210 come from America, cannot be replaced locally buy the warranty
4) conveniently no stock of the cheaper items she wanted to get, and inability to access the web site to see the "special offers" there to offer.

I have also been in looking to buy clearance offer goods e.g P4 2.6, 512ram, 60gb drive, dvd writer, dvd drive, 64mb graphics trying to get confirmation of what the machine has preloaded, ram slots, DVD drive specs, no interest in hooking base unit up and doing some hunting around OR god forbid even opening the case.
Looked at another machine opposite, again good initial spec, base unit OK, but find on-board graphics set at 32meg, told if I adjust invalidates warranty!!! error I say if allowed to go to 64 meg via motherboard, how does that constitute asking the components to work beyond in built spec set. Also ask ref. DVD writer and speed of CD-R writing Oh 48 times, check on web 16x if at all.
Then discuss the OS system set up, 1 had recovery disc the other not, can create in XP they say, check on web not standard loading config for xp home to create rescue disc.

I don't expect them to have all the answers god knows they have enough product in stock, but surely they can be honest with the punters, they do have "tech dept" to help out.

Looks like I will take the plunge to build myself

  [DELETED] 16:20 30 Jul 2003

Everything that you have said was not forced on you or your friend. You have free will and so has she. If she did a bit of research prior to buying she would have found that she could have AV and firewall protection for nothing. It is not unreasonable to not let you open a case on a machine on the shelf. A surge protector should be a 'must-have' item. I do not see what your concerns are.


  [DELETED] 18:20 30 Jul 2003

Some of my grumble is that they are unwilling to do any background work to help sell the product by checking the paperwork, or even god forbid getting back to me.

Do not expect the sales staff to open case on the shelves, tech dept was quiet, could go there. Lets face it base unit offered with bare description of contents, so if they did hook it up would be able to satisfy further enquiries.

As regards components being sourced from the states so totally unrepairable, so warrenty way to go,sorry see that as total rubbish. Yeah I would offer virus and surge plug, but since AVG is free will save my friend some cash.

Ultimately just get annoyed with lazy attitude of some of the people there.

  wee eddie 19:25 30 Jul 2003

you go into a shop. Try every thing on.

Then go into the next one and do the same.

When you find the one that can sell you the product you want. You buy it.

The fact that the other shops were not able to meet your expectation, is their bad luck but nothing to grumble about.

In fact I am told by my friends that shop, that it is at least half the pleasure of retail therapy.

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