PC World advertised sale price not available.

  StIpps 17:47 04 Jan 2005

PC World have been advertising Paintshop Pro 9 at half price (£49.99 instead of £99.99).
My local store say they must have sold out and the web store is also out of stock. Hard to believe they wouldn't stock up for a genuine offer?

  Forum Editor 17:49 04 Jan 2005

lots of people have bought the software.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:56 04 Jan 2005

You will get over this...early bird+catch+worms.


  oresome 19:27 04 Jan 2005

I think I saw it at half price in WH Smiths the other day.

  Cockney Reb 05:40 06 Jan 2005

i have been let down 3 times by pc world on their so called sale offers i have yet to purchase a sale item it allways seems to be sold out i think its just used to get you into the store and they maybe have to of the sale item in stock to cover themself's

  Al94 09:19 06 Jan 2005

To be frank. I also believe there is much more to this marketing ploy exploited by PCW. To give an example, they were advertising the Netgear DG824G wireless modem router at half price available on 26 and 27 December. There were none on the shelves at the local store either day (take Gandalf's point about early bird etc) and staff said they were out of stock. Amazingly, the shelves were stacked high with them at full price on the morning of 28 December! Maybe they had a delivery overnight but you can understand how cynical I for one am!

  TBH1 11:13 06 Jan 2005

Al94 - taking your point about the Netgear - I went into PCWorld on 26th specifically to get this at £45. They had plenty any there, but all marked as £89.99. see thread click here

but my bit reads "Saw and advert in the paper on Friday for PCW sale starting today - Netgear Wireless ADSL Firewall Router for £44.95 - half price. Went along today, still priced at full price - - I enquired as to correct price abd they said that that was the correct price ! This item was not on their 'flyer' but I explained the ad I saw in the paper and they insisted on seeing the paper !! This guy suggested taking one to the till to see if it rang up as half price - - - as not many at checkout at that time, I did. It scanned in as £89.99 - I again explained what I had seen ib the paper and after a bit of 'umming and ahing' it did come up as half-price. Fortunately for the guy in front of me who had just bought a similar item from Belkin at £79, he heard all this, rushed back into to exchange his Belkin for a Netgear

  Al94 12:02 06 Jan 2005

That's interesting TBH1 because they were on the instore flyer in our local store - but they had none - the plot thickens!!

  wee eddie 12:10 06 Jan 2005

from any other retailer.

The likelihood is that each store has at least one item available at the promoted price.

Why is anyone surprised? No one says a word when Safeways or Next use such tactics. It is, when handled correctly, a perfectly legitimate way of getting punters into the store.

The decision to buy is still yours.

  Lightchop 12:27 06 Jan 2005

Slightly off topic, but, I went into our local PCW store last summer, looking for a 'sale' 8x multiformat DVD writer. Yep, sold out - but, passing the 'component centre' on the way out, there was one with a 'last one!' sticker on - 'was £49.99, save £19.99, now £30'. eagerly gathered it up not believing my luck as at the time it was a bargain at £50. Went to the till - it scanned at the 'save' figure of £19.99! Could'nt get out of the shop quickly enough.

  Al94 13:21 06 Jan 2005

Whilst you're right to a fair degree wee eddie, I understand that if a limited number of items are offered at a sale prive, this should be clearly stated. Here are some actual quotes drom DTI Code of Practice for Traders

Part 2: Actual price to consumer

2.1 Indicating two different prices
2.1.1 The Consumer Protection Act makes it an offence to indicate a price for goods or services which is lower than the one that actually applies, for example, showing one price in an advertisement, window display, shelf marking or on the item itself, and then charging a higher price at the point of sale or checkout.

Limited availability of product
2.2.2 Where the price you are quoting for products only applies to a limited number of, say, orders, sizes or colours, you should make this clear in your price indication (eg "available in other colours or sizes at additional cost").

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