PC World Advent T9317 or T9307?

  sjm_411 20:00 26 Dec 2006

With the sales now on, having checked out PC World today I'm tempted with one of two of their Advent desktop PCs.

The desktop will be used for the internet, copying CDs/DVDs, office applications and the latest Flight Simulator X Deluxe (so graphic card advice would be appreciated!). I'm hoping that the PC should perform these tasks good enough for the next 3 or so years.

The specs are as follows:

Advent T9307 - £599.98
click here=

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor
(1.83MHz, 1GHz FSB)
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
320GB Hard Disk Drive
Multi-format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
256MB ATi Radeon X1600SE Graphics
8-in-1 Media Card Reader
6 USB Connections
19" Widescreen TFT Monitor

Advent T9317 - £599.99 (PC World Sale)
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Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor
(1.86GHz, 1GHz FSB, 2MB Cache)
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
250GB Hard Disk Drive
Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
512MB nVidia GeForce 7300SE Graphics
Built-in TV Tuner + Remote Control
19" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Would appreciate advice on the most suitable desktop for my needs. Many thanks in advance of your thoughts and help.

  The Brigadier 20:03 26 Dec 2006

click here it's a better PC. Advent are PCWorld own brand and are not worth the money!

  allclear 20:24 26 Dec 2006

What will you do when you have problems?. Que up for hours on the phone & at their customer services desk?

  ForestChav 01:32 27 Dec 2006

The PB is nowhere near as good as the Advents - PB are also UK exclusive to the Advents who are actually made by Medion.

9317 is way better.

  pcw Manager!!??! 07:30 27 Dec 2006

Try going in on weekday morning, not first thing Sat/Sunday with every other man and his dog,kids, grannie etc and its much much quieter!!

ps those advents are pretty good, I have had very few problems if any with these models either should be a good buy.

  sjm_411 20:44 27 Dec 2006

Thanks to each of you for your views.

I may just get an Advent T9317 while the sale is on, as my research shows it can handle FSX and more importantly, meets my budget.

Thanks again all for your thoughts, very much appreciated.

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