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  boots2 16:32 02 Nov 2008

Am I the only one to be annoyed that if I want to shop at a PC World store that I have to go to the internet first and reserve the goods to get the discount.
It is not that I have to pay for them on the internet and I can still reject them in the store when I arrive.
It just seems more work for me and them to get the cheaper price.

  Condom 16:44 02 Nov 2008

I thought for a second you were another of todays adverts for shoes.

Forgive me for asking but why would you want to shop at PC World?

  canarieslover 16:55 02 Nov 2008

There are times when you need things immediately and they have it at a reasonable price on-line.

  dagnammit 16:55 02 Nov 2008

Why because they can be cheap via collect at store and price matching.

Boots look at it this way - those folk that go in and pay shelf prices make it possible for smart shoppers like us to get it cheaper.

PCWorld couldn't afford to let everyone have the discounted prices.

  boots2 16:57 02 Nov 2008

A neighbour wanted a new mouse and as I was passing PC World I was asked to pick it up , It annoyed me to have to go home first to get discount, if I could have got it some ware else for the price I would.

  Forum Editor 17:55 02 Nov 2008

I shop there often - it's an ideal way of seeing items in the flesh, so to speak, and taking them home with me there and then. I've used my local PCWorld store for years, and so far I haven't had a single bad experience.

  Terrycot 18:36 02 Nov 2008

Arrived at our local PCWorld on Friday asked an assistant for help, he replied "you will have to wait I until I have finished this".
He lost a sale of about £1000 Will not go again.

  dagnammit 18:51 02 Nov 2008

If that's a direct quote from the employee they need re-trained on how to speak to customers.

That said, I think you are unreasonable to assume the employee with drop everything to help you right away. What were they doing?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:21 02 Nov 2008

'He lost a sale of about £1000 Will not go again.'...bit of a knee jerk reaction. There are other customers, you are not the only one. Chill out and be a bit more realistic.


  danbrazier 19:37 02 Nov 2008

Boots - the [email protected] annoys me too (as a PCW empolyee) however, I can see the logic in preserving the best prices for those that are prepared to work for them and shop around!

However - it is possible for us to match our own website, and at a store level we can also perform a collect at store reservation (to save our selves discounting).

Next time you're in your local store, if you'd like to seem real clever, ask them to reserve somethign at the online price for you - they'll say they can't do it (as we're not technically meant to) but actually, when you get to the point on the website where it tells you that you can't reserve in your location) you can change the "-1" to a "+1" and it'll let you reserve the stock.

As for the colleague telling you to wait... which store was this in?

This should be a thing of the past now - PCW has finally reintroduced full customer service training (which it hasn't had for about 3 or 4 years now, I was one of the last to go on the courses when I started!)

  boots2 19:45 02 Nov 2008

The two members of staff I spoke to told me they have been stopped accessing the internet as it took to much time. It is a shame I do like to impuse buy but I always have to return home to book on the net.

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