PC World

  james55 21:52 08 Jul 2004

Let me get this straight I am not complaining about PC world, this is just a small amusing story.

I decided to go for Broadband and went to PC world to purchase a Wanadoo Modem. For once, I found it very quickly.

Like a dog with two tails I wandered around the store looking for more goodies, Software Hardware it did not matter. Suddenly I heard a loud voice saying "have you registered your Modem sir". I looked round just in case he wasn't talking to me, but no he was.

"Come with me sir" he said and I duly followed.
I was asked and gave my details and then was told I was registered at Wanadoo. "I will print it for you sir", alas the printer did not agree so he wrote it down for me.

Still not daunted the salesman told me the till receipt would cough up the missing details.

So off we went and I paid for my purchase, again no details but what did it matter I had them written down.

I left the store clutching my purchase feeling pleased with the service I got and what I had.

It was only when I was halfway home I realised I missed out on my goodies, oh well a least the old Duchess was happy.

Ps. It is now connected and working superbly.

  james55 22:18 08 Jul 2004


I would say that sums it up.


  james55 19:19 09 Jul 2004


As I already made up my mind to buy it and if it boosts somebody’s pay packet all the better.

I of course had checked before going to PC world that broadband was available in my area but I decided to play the game.


  oresome 20:12 09 Jul 2004

You now need a convincing excuse for returning to the store to have a good rummage around. As the Duchess has probably heard them all before, I don't rate your chances that highly.

  james55 23:29 09 Jul 2004


You are right my chances are about same as winning the lottery.


I have been at this store so many times the girl at the till will be a good friend.


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