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  TTP 21:34 22 Feb 2004

Me and the missus bought a Pc base unit (exchanged unit) from this retailer this afternoon. I asked a sales assistant on the checkout if the HDD had been taken care of; he said yes. After connecting up all the cables etc (no probs there) and switching on (no probs either) we were presented with the PCWorld splash screen which was locked on. Luckily I knew how to bypass this and prevent it from happening again on startup however there was no XP activation screen either(which im worried about now) and the PC was registered to PCWorld which means its been used (which was not stated anywhere). Can I just format and re-install now(how?? im win98 trained) or should I phone the store tommorrow and get them to sort it out ? Im not bothered either way/whats best?

  rickf 21:39 22 Feb 2004

I would get them to sort it out. Re activation, it might have been activated by manufacturer already. This is quite common when XP comes preinstalled.

  johnnyrocker 23:50 22 Feb 2004

back it guv.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:11 23 Feb 2004

'a Pc base unit (exchanged unit)'.......'the PC was registered to PCWorld which means its been used (which was not stated anywhere)'....the way I read this is that the unit was used, so it should not be a suprise that it was registered to PCW.


  TTP 11:17 23 Feb 2004

G , If i wanted cut and paste sarcasm , i'd have asked louis at pcformat.....i need your expert advice. Is it possible to restore it to factory settings (thereby cutting out the PCW splash screen) using the SYSTEM RECOVERY CD-ROM (quick format option in the manual) and would this way let me activate XP to my name (im worried of legal implications) or should I phone the shop and let them advise me. Or do you have any other suggestions as to what can be done, the wifes patience are wearing thin.......or will be in 2 hours time.

  Al94 12:32 23 Feb 2004

I agree, G needs to ease up on the cut & paste sarcasm on this forum.

I also agree with rickf, a trip back to PCW would be worthwhile to get satisfaction on the valid points you raise. System recovery cd may not get rid of the splash screen.

  Hunte® 12:40 23 Feb 2004

I'd run the recovery cd. It might sort all the problems and save a trip back to PCW. If it doesn't then it will only have cost you an hour or so of time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:43 23 Feb 2004

I was not making a sarcastic comment but a rather salient point; the computer was bought as 'second user' so it should have come as no surprise that PCWs details were on it. A simple reformat with the recovery disk will suffice or take it back to PCW for reformating.


  whatsupdoc 14:08 23 Feb 2004

what gandalf? never! I'm shocked.
see what pcw have to say. must be worth a phone call or an hour out. put the onus on them to explain your legal issue. do you have a voice recorder? it helps when dealing with pcw.

  Stuartli 14:40 23 Feb 2004

Some systems come with a splash screen stating the manufacturer's name - Mesh is one example.

If it's an exchanged unit then, as already pointed out, activation would almost certainly have been carried out as a matter of course by the original owner, whether PC World or a customer.

  TTP 15:44 23 Feb 2004

Right , Ive been over to the store , they admit it should have been cleared and reinstalled , and i can have a go at recovery formatting the drive myself (one way of getting experience in a new OS !) if i cock it up i can take it back for them to do it!. Now XP activation -i forgot to ask the assistant as there was quite a queue waiting- can i get the details changed to me (is it a legal issue/microsft necessity) or do I not need to bother because it is registered to somebody ? Please advise.AFK 3 hours.

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