PC warranty/graphics card question

  Armchair 14:26 11 Sep 2011

If I buy a new desktop PC from an online supplier (eg CCL, Novatech etc.), and then install a graphics card bought from elsewhere, will the PC's warranty be invalidated or not?

  spuds 16:24 11 Sep 2011

If you remove the original graphics card and fit an incompatible graphics card, then the retailer will most likely refuse to offer assistance.

If you are intending to buy a new computer, then ask the retailer direct regarding their company policy. At least then you should have it in writing, if things go wrong.

  Armchair 16:32 11 Sep 2011

I haven't bought anything yet. The PCs I'm considering have integrated GPUs, either on the motherboard or built into the CPU. I was thinking of buying one of these, and using the on-board GPU for a few weeks until I get a discrete GPU (possibly a knocked down in price refurbished one).

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