PC Upgrade

  victord66 14:29 26 Dec 2006

I'd like to buy a new PC and need some advice. My current one is a bit
sluggish with limited RAM and I'd like to purchase a new fast system
preferably one that can handle Windows Vista at some point in the future.
For a starting point I have my eye on a Dell with the following specs:

XPS 700 Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor x6800 (2.93GHz)
Operating System Genuine Windows® XP Professional with re-installation CD
Memory 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs
Keyboard Dell USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard
Monitor 24 inch UltraSharp™ 2407FPW Widescreen Digital Flat Panel
Video Cards 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 Dual-GPU Graphics Card
Hard Drive 1TB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 500GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM HDDs)
Floppy Drive and Media Reader No Floppy Drive Included
Mouse Dell Optical USB Mouse
Modem No Modem Requested
Adobe Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0
Optical Drive Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer
write capable
Sound Cards Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
Speakers Dell A525 30 Watt 2.1 Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer
Productivity Software Microsoft Office Basic - Includes Word, Excel and
Outlook email

I'd like some serious suggestions and I won't mind spending a bit more for a
premium system. I currently have a Sharp 19" flat panel monitor, so that
part is not too important. I'm not into gaming but I want a very fast and
responsive system. I have the new Bell Optimax 10mbps internet service and
want to take advantage of this. I'd rather not try to assemble components
myself as I don't feel qualified but would like a system ready to use.

Hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks.

  citadel 17:18 26 Dec 2006

it is a very good system but will not make the internet faster as this depends on other things. you could get a less powerful graphics card as you do not play games.

  sannybear 18:11 26 Dec 2006

Is it possibly even overkill in some respects ? Is 4gb of RAM necessary , for example ? - depends on what you need your PC for I guess and you won`t need to upgrade for years which is no bad thing with a Dell machine .

I`m looking for a new PC myself but have set my sights a little lower . I play the Totalwar series of games , so aimimg for a base unit only that will play the game at highest settings at under £1000 as a target .

  Kate B 23:53 26 Dec 2006

Just a word of warning about Raid 0 and Vista: I hope the situation will change before Vista hits the shelves but at the moment you will struggle to install Vista on a Raid 0 setup. click here

  Totally-braindead 23:58 26 Dec 2006

Its a mega PC, wish I could afford it. Perhaps some of the items listed are overkill, the memory is huge and the graphics potential is incredible but the graphics especially is way over the top if you don't play games.
That said if you do buy it as it stands it would hopefully stand you in good stead for quite a few years without any tinkering or adding bits which is what I presume you want.

  victord66 00:15 27 Dec 2006

Thanks Totally-Braindead. You're probably right about the overkill, but I'm tired of upgrading. I want a system now that will do me for many years to come without having to worry about restoring ghost images to a new system, importing settings, emails, applications, transferring data from hard drives, et al. I think in the long run it's better to invest a bit now than to slowly go crazy. I think over the next year Vista will improve itself to the point where it will be an acceptable if not desirable O/S. I just might hold out for another month or two to see if this system will ship with Vista.

  sannybear 08:14 27 Dec 2006

What about thanking everyone else who gave advice ?

  victord66 13:32 27 Dec 2006

Sannybear, I was hoping that I would get more advice and opinions. If this is all then I do thank everyone for their input. It would be nice to hear from someone though, who would say - this is a nice system but 'X' has a better deal for the money or perhaps even - "I know someone who has a very similar system" or even "I have a very similar system and.....". You know, that type of thing. After all ,for me it's a big expense and I don't want to make any mistakes, which is why I'm asking experts, no? Don't get me wrong - I do appreciate all of your comments, but it has been my experience on many other forums to hold off till everyone has had their say.

  sannybear 20:09 27 Dec 2006

I can`t find the XPS 700 at the Dell site , there is a 690 and 710 . Here is a review of the 700 from september - click here - if you haven`t seen it before you may find it interesting , albeit the specs. seem to have changed since then .

  Kate B 20:11 27 Dec 2006

If you've got plenty of money, have a look at Voodoo click here - it's a Canadian company that builds wonderful machines. Mine's a Voodoo and it's been great; and the customer service is superb. Just one thing to bear in mind, though - you'll have to pay a hefty amount of import duty if you buy the machine from Voodoo.

  sannybear 20:15 27 Dec 2006

more here - click here - from when the model was launched in May as an extreme gaming machine . It seems the 710 is the successor to the 700 .

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