PC Tools internet security 2009

  aine 19:19 24 Sep 2008

Evening all. Has anybody tried this program on the November cd? 12 months are free ,what is the yearly cost after the free year? As this program combines most of the likely used protection for your PC and it covers up to 3 PCs, is it worth bothering with? Comments please Aine

  tigertop2 21:22 24 Sep 2008

I like it very much after 2 years use . I have got it on 4 PCs and it will shortly go on a fifth. Dead simple to use and understand and gives me no problems-unlike some others I have tried. Can't remember exactly what the costings were but it is somewhere in the £20/30 bracket. I seem to remember I got it more cheaply from USA sources using the then good £ to $ conversion rate.

  aine 18:59 25 Sep 2008

tigertop2. Thanks for your reply,perhaps I should try it as it is free. Then if I like it, at renewal time, I could then see the cost. Aine

  Condom 00:51 26 Sep 2008

If you wish you can still get all this free for ever. PC Tools still give free use of their programs for home users and you can update to the latest version easily. You never have to pay anything at all. It takes a little longer than just installing the program from the free DVD as you have to download the programs individually but it may be worth it to those who don't like paying. I too like PC Tools as it seems to have a much softer footprint than most of the others but god help them now that Symantec has taken them over. I use their Anti Virus, Firewall Plus, Spyware Doctor and Threatfire and don't seem to be bothered by anything more than an occcasional adware cookie. They have also now released a free full version of Privacy Guardian although I haven't yet quite figured out all that it does.

  tigertop2 16:44 26 Sep 2008

Condom, never a truer word spoken re Symantec's takeover. I will be looking elsewhere if the existing good software is tinkered with by Symantec

  kobaltzx 23:10 02 Jun 2009

6 months after installing the free cd. Nailed every trojan & spyware. Best security i ever had.But
like condom worry about symantec's takeover Will probably look elsewhere after license is up. Pity

  simonjary 12:46 03 Jun 2009

Condom, it's not true that you can get "this free forever".

You can't get the version PC Advisor is giving away for free from PC Tools - unless you pay for it. The version it has on its site is a 15-day demo.

The trial version offers time-unlimited real-time protection (free threat blocking), but does not remove threats detected during on-demand scans.

The version we're giving away with PC Advisor on our DVD is the full one-year licence that users would have to pay for if they wanted.

If kobaltzx thinks it's the "best security I ever had", then its certainly worth checking out!

Publisher, PC Advisor

  kobaltzx 15:01 08 Sep 2009

Reviewing my posting 9 month later.Still the best even after comp crashes it loads up noproblems. If you've ever tried to get rid of norton you'll appreciate this

  tigertop2 19:40 09 Sep 2009

I had Norton once some years ago. NEVER again as it gave me nightmares trying to uninstall it-although that side is better now I believe. PC Tools is the best system I have so far found after trying quite a few.

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