PC-Tec.co.uk - anyone received what they ordered?

  Steven Rawlinson 13:12 22 Dec 2016

Ordered a PC from PC-Tec.co.uk on 27th Novermber, despite 3 assurances it would be delivered before Xmas I was informed yesterday that my 10 year old son will now not be getting his Xmas present (not sure how i will break this news to him!!) Reason given was some nonsense about processor failing at final stage of testing/bad batch of processors. Done some digging on the company and although the web site looks professional I'm not convinced for from what Ive found that this PC will ever show up. Be interested to know if anyone has received a PC from them.

  Forum Editor 14:22 22 Dec 2016

It does not take a month to assemble and test a new PC - the assembly can be done by one person in two hours. In your position, I would be concerned - processors do fail, but a 'bad batch'? I don't think so.

If you were given 3 assurances that delivery would be before Christmas, and one of those was given prior to your order, it forms part of the contract. I would be phoning the supplier and asking for an absolute guarantee that this machine will arrive within the next two days. If that guarantee is not forthcoming, you might be better to cut your losses, cancel the contract, and buy another machine off the shelf at PC World/Currys.

  Steven Rawlinson 14:32 22 Dec 2016

Thanks, yes appreciate the normal timescales. Web site quotes 7 days for delivery but I checked the day after I ordered if it would be ok for Xmas (27 days) and was told the 12th, then was told parts hadn't arrived so would be the 17th, then was told would be this week as it was on "test". Dont actually believe any of this however was giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might be busy and just making excuses. Spoke with them this morning and it wont be here before Xmas "waiting for new processors". Not back till the 4th so will be sometime after then. Maybe! I wont get the spec of PC Ive ordered from those places at the possibly "too good to be true price from PC-Tec" otherwise I would have done so in the first place.

  Forum Editor 14:32 22 Dec 2016

As recently as September, this company was trading under administration, and I'm afraid its record as far as delivery and customer communication are concerned is not good.

I suggest that you contact them by phone as a matter of urgency, and find out what is going on. If they gave you a delivery promise before you placed the order, it forms part of the contract. If they cannot give you a firm undertaking that you will get your machine within the next couple of days, you might be best advised to cancel the order and get a refund.

If you paid with a credit card, your card provider will be liable if anything goes wrong with the refund.

  Forum Editor 14:36 22 Dec 2016

You responded while I was typing, and i can see that you have been in touch with the company.

The fact that you were told they would not be back until 4th January speaks volumes - most computer companies are working until 23rd December at least.

I would keep your fingers crossed if you intend to wait. I have my strong doubts about the processor story.

  Steven Rawlinson 14:39 22 Dec 2016

I have 3 emails from them confirming delivery, though latter ones are from a lady at Secure Data Recycling. If nothing else I wanted to highlight this issue to other potential buyers as I found nothing on them before i ordered. Have contacted my credit card company earlier so they have advised they can intervene after 30 days of my order. So know money will be okay however not sure my son will get over the disappointment of Santa not coming...

  HondaMan 15:59 22 Dec 2016

Get on to your cc company, give them the details and ask that they do a charge-back.

Then, as FE says, go to PC World.

  Steven Rawlinson 16:07 22 Dec 2016

Will do once 30 days expires however I wont get an i7 PC at spec Ive ordered for £629 from PC World etc ... though of course I may never have one at that price the way things are going! Im assuming they must deliver PCs sometimes or everyone would be getting their money back! Just wondered if anyone ever has and is it worth hanging on?

  HondaMan 19:16 22 Dec 2016

Your money will be refunded by the CC company. It will be up to them to deal with the company.

A supplier must supply goods within a reasonable time, if they promised delivery by a certain date and defaulted they are in breach of contract, in this case several times. You are entitled to go to your credit card company NOW

  Steven Rawlinson 09:15 23 Dec 2016

Thanks HondaMan, I have already spoken with CC company and they advised they cant do anything until 30 days expire. However my question is still the same has anyone ordered a PC from PC-TEC and actually received it??

  HondaMan 13:13 23 Dec 2016

No and No

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