pc system is this a good buy?

  march 10:57 27 Dec 2008

would be grateful for suggestions about the following,running wins98se on old tiny computer system & thinking of going into 21st century have been to a local pc specialist to see about having one put together, just need basic system for home use mainly for internet browsing, some music downloads, do not play games much so any comments appreciated as to whether this would be a good buy for our needs or to get one from sales at stores?

also would I be able to use exsisting printer & scanner I do have the orginal disks to install them?

plus have lots of floppys with stuff on that I would need what could I do to transfer info on them & use on new computer please?

System specs are recommended are

Processor amd athlon 4200 x2 dual core 64bit skt am2 with 1 meg cache

Motherboard asus m2n-vm hdm1

System memory 1024 m/bytes ddr II ram

Hard disk 160 gigabyte sata 7200 rpm

Video/graphics card gforce 7150 128/256 m/bytes on board

Optical drives x48 samsung cd rom

Sound 7.1 channel surround

Lan 10/100/1000 mbit network capable

Midi tower 350w atx psu

External direct connection 8x usb2

Keyboard & mouse both ps2 and optical mouse

X18 dvd rewriter Toshiba Samsung dual layer

Windows xp home operating system

total cost £298 with 12month return to base warranty.

Option of
19" asus (vw-192s) lcd wide screen monitor £135

thanks march

  march 11:51 27 Dec 2008

sorry have put this in wrong forum

  Diemmess 12:05 27 Dec 2008

This forum will do fine. Its about cost effectiveness isn't it?

Have you compared your spec with the huge varieties of ready-made all at bargain prices?

Novatech click here

Dell click here

These are two reliable manufacturer/retailers, there are several others.

Floppy drives are no longer fitted to new PCs but can be added as an extra.
You think now that you must be able to go on using a FDD as you used to.
I bet you soon lose that habit once you have a new PC.

A pen drive with 1000s times the capacity can be used to transfer old floppy data though it my be slow if you only have USB.1 on the old computer.

  The Kestrel 14:48 27 Dec 2008

If you want to include a new monitor with your new PC, £135 is a very high price these days for a 19" widescreen. I suggest you look around elsewhere for the monitor. Ebuyer click here is one good example.

  march 17:23 27 Dec 2008

Thanks Diemmess; the dell site is very good,I have enough knowledge to just about get by,.always turn to this forum for advice as I know it's so trustworthy, can do fresh installs etc but don't understand specs and the rest

& The Kestrel see what you mean about monitor being pricy will shop around if we decide to change it,won't be paying £135

will spend some time browsing the sites & compare, thank you both very much

regards march

  Kevscar1 01:25 28 Dec 2008

sorry nothing from floppy's is going to work on your new system and depending how old they ae your printer andscanner may not work with Vista either. My scanner was 10 yars old and would not work under Vista.

  march 17:44 29 Dec 2008

yes you're right Kevscar been to pcworld & currys today to have a look & asked questions; old printer/scanner won't work, had a look at few packages at both shops asked about the operating system & all systems are preinstalled with vista home premium. Currys did say that you can copy them to disk at first setup or they will do a set for about £20 for diy install.

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